Three Most Important Parts of the AR

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

The decision to modify your defensive firearms…

Choosing between light and heavy shotguns…

What you need to know when choosing body armor…

Which 3 parts to focus on when cleaning an AR…

And the top 5 insects that’ll save you from starvation.

Let’s dive in…

Should You Modify Defensive Arms?

It’s an age-old battle: should you modify your firearms or not? Some would argue for the enhancement while others would argue on the possible pitfalls of choosing to modify. Whichever way you decide to go, there are some valuable factors that need to be considered first. Read more here.

Home Defense Shotguns: Light vs Heavy

When put through a number of drills to discover which shotguns work best in a variety of situations, see which one came out on top and things to consider in each case. Read more here.

Exploring Civilian Body Armor

Civilian body armor can serve as a huge asset. See which basics that need to be understood and considered before making your purchase. Read more here.

3 Parts to Focus on When Cleaning an AR

Whether you are a beginner at cleaning an AR or having to clean in a hurry, see which three parts you should focus on more than anything else. Read more here.

Top 5 Edible Insects That Will Save Your Life

There may come a time or situation, such as being lost in the woods, where you are in dire need of food with either no access to any or possibly no foreseeable rescue in sight. This is where tapping into your environment will save your life and which insects you need to know about to do so. Read more here.

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