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In this week’s mailbag we will discuss concealed carry permits, new tracking technology, monitoring your neighbors questionable activity, developing hand strength, defense weapons and more.

Let’s dive in!

They are talking about putting computer chips in people so that they can track the location of everyone at all times.

Ostensibly it is to protect pedestrians. In reality it is an invasion of privacy. This is sick technology that I hope never becomes a law.
– Tom S

Answer: Clearly, this would not be a good idea. But, some knucklehead will certainly volunteer for this and will think it’s great that they can be tracked at all times.


I live in San Jose, California and have inquired about getting a CCW here. I was told by a couple of gun shops that “You have to be God or somebody more important” to get one here.

I had mine for both Oregon and Washington states, but when I moved here they said they didn’t accept that. Will this Virginia permit allow me to have my CCW legally here in California?

– Todd P

Answer: Unfortunately, for this permit here, the answer is no. California doesn’t recognize CCW’s issued by other states. Licenses and permits to carry concealed firearms in California are issued by the sheriff of a county or the chief or other head of a municipal police department.

In other words, you have to be approved by the sheriff or chief, which is done on a case-by-case basis and not something that easily happens. (Unless you’re a politician, of course.)


I recently moved into the house I now live in, and guess what? I have a neighbor from the bowels of hell. I know from prior experience that he is making and selling meth.

He has a very nice new pickup, but never works. He seems to be up 24/7. Then there is the virtual game that his cliental play at a volume, which is so loud they have to yell at each other, and I can hear.

Then there are the cars w/out license plates, which seem to disappear after a night of dismantling, more noise and odors that I have to deal with. I went to the police, got laughed at, and sent on my way. What do I do?

– Theo Y

Answer: The best thing you can do is to document everything you see and continue to present it to the police department. Also, do you have cameras at your house?

While you should definitely have cameras for home security, you can also have cameras that happen to point more in the direction of their house to catch on-going activity.

Lastly, and this is going to sound strange, get to know your neighbor and make friends with them. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer- you never know what they’ll reveal to you.


I enjoy your emails tremendously! I would ask in the future your insight on the following: Emergency First Aid (Active Shooter related), trauma kits vs. ordinary first aid kits, security, etc.

– Dann S

Answer: Thank you for your support and feedback. I will definitely take these topics into consideration for future e-mails and blog posts. In the meantime, Dark Angel Medical is a company that makes solid first aid and trauma kits.


I’m a retired 74 yr old female, and since retiring & moving I’ve changed physically & emotionally. Knowing what to do is not the problem. Just need you to give me specific ideas & support to strengthen my hands….

– Constance M

Answer: There are a few different hand exercises that I would consider to help strengthen your hands. First, take a rubber band and put it around all of your fingers and your thumb. Then push out and open your hand as much as you can.

Another thing I would consider is getting a hand gripper, which is commonly used by athletes to build strength in their hand. Doing both of these exercises daily will help your hands become stronger over time.


In January I will leave for China and live there for about 16 months. The town is Shenzhen, in the south… I am 67 years old. I have lived in Kenya for 4 years and visited Russia many times… Neither long, nor short guns are permitted there. I will be living in an area that normally has guards at houses and people have bodyguards.

What would you recommend that I take with me for safety?

– Bruce K

Answer: I am not familiar with knife laws in China, but I’d always carry a knife on me (whatever type and length is legal.) I also love the “necklace”, which is a piece of paracord with a large nut on the end. (Swing it at someone and it will do some serious damage.)

Don’t forget that canes also make great weapons and don’t draw any attention. Ideally, the best thing is to take some self-defense training if you haven’t done so lately. (You can check out a simple online course we offer right here.)

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