The Ultimate Doomsday Prepping List, Part II

In the second half of Patriot Headquarters’ ultimate doomsday prepping list, you’ll discover:

The rarely used lighting source you MUST pack that fits EASILY in your pocket and absolutely NEVER dies out
The second MOST IMPORTANT book you should pack that will be an ADVENTURE to read, will interest the kids AND can keep you from starving
Which BONUS item most never think of that can keep you COMFORTABLE, prevent diseases and can be picked up for just a few dollars — but will make ALL the difference when you sleep at night.


57. Lighters: Cheap and effective. Buy a pack now and be thankful later.

58. Pocket Lamp: A crank-powered lamp is perfect if you run out of batteries for No. 59. This handy device can fit in your pocket and will never run out of juice.

59. Flashlight: You can get miniature ones for your keychain but we recommend getting a weather-resistant flashlight for your backpack along with plenty of backup batteries.

60. Charcoal/Lighter Fluid: Both a cooking and heating source.


61. Backpack: This is a basic item on every doomsday prepping list. But don’t get a basic school bag — go for something with plenty of storage and utility.

62. Mesh Bag: Hang it to dry things out.

63. Empty Milk Jugs: These have a variety of uses but are recommended for untreated water.

64. Plastic Ziploc Bags: Storage of food and other supplies.

65. Waterproof Bags: Most of the items on this list are weather-resistant by nature, but waterproof bags are perfect for clothing and electronics.

66. Garbage Bags: Waste management is an often overlooked part of prepping.

67. Buckets With Lids: Many preppers use the five-gallon variety for food storage.

68. Patrol Pack: This is essentially a next-level backpack for the alpha in the family. Carry more and easily organize everything.


69. Soap: If you can’t get anything else in this category, go for soap.

70. Washcloths: These are more about convenience, but they will be helpful beyond their normal uses.

71. Towels: Again, you can live without if space is limited.

72. Shaving Gear: This could just as easily fit into the bonus section below, but it takes up little space and can keep you in your usual routine.

73. Tooth Items: Good health starts with the gums. Toothpaste is pretty much created equal so stock up on a cheap brand.

74. Facial Tissues: This is possibly a luxury item, but again, it can be useful for other reasons.

75. Vaseline: Use it for skin protection and rashes.


76. Cleaning Solvent: For use on just about any surface.

77. Foaming Bore: Versatile cleaner for cleaning the barrel of your guns.

78. Aerosol Lubricant: Also for use with firearms in addition to wood, leather, etc.

79. Lysol: Especially in a confined space, Lysol can help prevent viruses from spreading.

80. Baking Soda: Substitute household cleaner, among many other uses (including cooking).

81. Bleach: If for nothing else, use it to wash dishes.

82. Detergent: Can be used as a cleaner beyond just clothing. You can even make your own if necessary.


83. Binoculars: Useful for hunting, spotting water sources and potentially even enemy encroachment.

84. Map: Your children have probably never even seen a map, but if the cell grid is down, this will get a lot of use.

85. Compass: Traveling the wrong direction could contribute to an early demise. Attach one to your keychain and forget about it until you need it.

86. Magnifying Glass: Use this along with your book on edible plants.


87. IDs: The hope here is that doomsday turns out to be a false alarm and eventually life will revert to somewhat normal. Don’t leave your ID behind.

88. Notepad/Pencils: Store the paper in something weather-resistant and get pencils instead of pens.

89. Survival Tips Book: Having all 107 items on this doomsday prepping list will not be of much use if you don’t know how to use them.

90. Edible Plant Book: This is the second most important survival book you can pack. It could be a lifesaver and you will be shocked at how many varieties around you actually are edible. Picking the wrong plants could make the rest of this list useless. Get the kids involved and turn it into an adventure.


91. Tent: If you’re buying a tent specifically for the purpose of doomsday prepping, choose a larger size than you need. The slight bump in price will be well worth it as you amass things and store them inside.

92. Mosquito Net: You don’t know you need one until you’re sleeping outside and realize they’re more than a nuisance.

93. Sleeping Bag: Even if you have a comfortable bunker ready to use, sleeping bags are portable in an emergency and relatively cheap.


94. Duct Tape: Repair gear and clothing, utilize it for storage security and many more uses than we could list.

95. Glue: Useful for repairing things including the soles of your shoes.

96. Bungee Cords: Perfect for securing all different types of items.

97. Face Mask: In worst-case scenarios, a mask with a respirator can protect you from disease and even warfare.

98. Cable Ties: Another handy utility for makeshift repairs.


99. Cell Phone With Charger: Some preppers predict a shutdown of the cellular grid, but you’re going to grab this out of habit anyway.

100. Toys/Games: This will be especially important for families with kids.

101. Pet Items: Don’t forget Fido! Although most pets can get by on human food, pets are family and both of you will be happier with a little preparation.

102. Fire Extinguisher: You may already have one of these for your main structure, but it’s not a bad idea to have a portable one that you can store with your other prep supplies.

103. Radio: If cell service is out, this might be your only method to get information. Beyond that, it can be used for entertainment — you can never listen to too much Johnny Cash. Speaking of cash…

104. Cash: Keep some handy for obvious reasons. If you are in a circumstance where the grid is down, your plastic won’t be of much use.

105. Pest Deterrent: This might be our top bonus pick to help ensure comfort. Be careful with this as it can be a problem if you’re in a confined space. Look for organic varieties of pesticides.

106. Whistle: Use it for safety and communication.

107. Radiation Detector: Again, we are preparing for doomsday and this item could truly be a lifesaver.

That’s it! That’s the whole list. Like I said before, you probably have many of these items lying around the house already. Start gathering the ones you don’t now and you’ll be far better off when the SHTF.

Of course, some people choose to get parts of their preps ready-made and then gather the rest of the supplies themselves.

One of the most common items to get ready-made is food. People tend to like the easy-to-store packaging and covertness of pre-packaged survival food.

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