46 Ways to Combat Scarcity in a Survival Situation

This week’s batch of must-read articles deals with the issue of scarcity. Whether it’s a lack of water, light, ammunition or money, you’ve got to know how to get by and survive.

Let’s get down to business.

1. The 30 Most Valuable Items to Trade in a Collapsed Economy

A grid-down scenario isn’t the only disaster that would be the death of money — and financial stability as we know it.

Just look at countries like Venezuela and South Sudan that are steeped in political and economic turmoil. Venezuela has the highest inflation rate in the world by far — at 652.67% — while South Sudan comes in at No. 2 with an inflation rate of 182.18%.

The folks over at The Prepping Guide put together a list of 30 tradable items that will help you provide for your family in a collapsed economy. Not only does this piece explain what makes these items so valuable but it also clarifies the difference between investment items and trade items so you can prioritize accordingly.

Take a look at the article above and see how many of these items you already have.

2. Wearable and Waterproof: This Is No Ordinary Survival Flashlight

Cade Courtley will tell you — and I would agree — that even regular civilian life presents plenty of regular emergencies. There are also many mundane tasks that would be much easier to complete if you could magically see in the dark — while keeping your hands free.

That’s where the Tactical Survival Glove comes in. This incredible tool has so many uses there’s no way you won’t get your money’s worth — even if we weren’t offering to send you one for free.

Click on the link above to see this gadget in action and claim one for yourself.

3. 10 Places to Find Water in the City Post-SHTF

Cape Town, South Africa, is marching ever-closer to “Day Zero.” On July 9, the city will run out of water. When that happens, residents will be scrambling to maintain their daily routines.

If you were to wake up one day to dry pipes — because of a water shortage, natural disaster or some other catastrophe — where would you go to find fresh drinking water? If you live in an urban area, check out this post from Survival Sullivan. It runs down 10 places to look for water after the SHTF.

Clean water is critical for survival — it keeps you hydrated and healthy. I certainly hope you never have to scrounge for water. But if you do, at least you’ll know where to look.

Of course, if you build up at least a 30-day supply of emergency water now, you probably won’t have to worry… Click here to check out my No. 1 water storage system and get started stocking.

4. The Five Best Survival Guns When Ammo Is Scarce

This article from Off The Grid News lists five firearms that would be useful in a survival situation when ammunition is limited. Maybe you simply didn’t store enough… your supply was ruined by flooding… or you were forced to blow through your stash in the name of self-defense…

In any event, there are some solid guns here. You know I am a huge proponent of the Remington 870 shotgun for home defense, and I own several pistols made by Sig Sauer and Glock.

If you’re in the market for a new firearm, go to your local range and give these models a try. Ammo scarcity is an important issue to consider in a SHTF scenario, which means factoring this into your next firearm purchase is a wise decision.

5. Russia Kemerovo Fire: Shopping Center Exits “Were Blocked”

Over the weekend, a fire at a Russian shopping center claimed the lives of 64 people and counting. The tragedy was aggravated by more than a few safety failures. Apparently, exits were blocked, the alarm had been switched off and fire extinguishers were inoperable.

In an emergency, it’s easy to panic and resort to stumbling along with the crowd. This is why it’s critical that you maintain good situational awareness wherever you are — especially in crowded public spaces. Identify two exits in opposite directions (three is better) in case one turns out to be inaccessible.

Lastly, don’t blindly follow the crowd. When people start running scared, take a brief moment to assess your surroundings before taking decisive action.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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