Texas ammo factory blows sky high

Timberline Environmental Services is located in Montgomery, Texas, a town with a population of around 2,000 people.

For over thirty years, the company has worked with the U.S. government and other companies.

Timberline’s specialty is the unexploded ordnance industry – they dismantle or destroy unexploded ordnance.

They remove primers and lead from bullets and melt them down, then they destroy the gunpowder.

One Tuesday morning, the Timberline facility in Montgomery was the scene of a huge explosion.

A neighbor of the facility said, “All I heard was a boom. A really loud boom around 7:15. It was loud. It felt like it shook my whole house.”

Another neighbor said, “It was pretty loud, and it sounded like a warzone.”

By the time firefighters arrived, the entire building was in flames and firefighters could hear bullets exploding inside the building.

As first responders prepared to battle the blaze the building exploded.

According to officials, there were about eight semi-trailers worth of ammunition inside the facility.

“We did have a couple of explosions. Some of it was from the ammunition,” said Fire Chief Leonard M.

Officials said the fire started when employees at the facility started moving barrels full of ammunition.

The employees noticed smoke coming from the barrels and called the fire department.

The fire took off from there.

The chief said, “After firefighters arrived, they did have several explosions that went off. Thank God nobody was hurt.”

Thankfully, the fire department already had a plan in place to deal with this type of situation at the facility.

Due to the risks associated with the facility, firefighters parked their trucks far enough away in case of an explosion.

“Had we not known the hazard here, we could have maybe had some loss of firefighters’ lives,” said the chief.

The building was a complete loss.

Local officials said the massive explosion caused windows to shatter in nearby homes.

The reality is that when you are dealing with huge amounts of ammo it can obviously be dangerous.

And this is one reason why you may not want to reload ammo.

Yet, because ammunition can still be hard to come by, another option to get the ammo you need is to buy remanufactured ammo.

What is remanufactured ammunition?:

Remanufactured ammo is ammunition that has been reloaded by an ammunition company, not in someone’s basement or garage.

The ammo is made from previously fired brass.

It’s then fitted with propellant, primers, and bullets.

The difference is that it’s done in a manufacturing facility.

This means the ammo is being reloaded using industrial equipment in some sort of factory.

In addition, the ammo is made to specifications set by the Shooting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute.

Advantages of remanufactured ammo:

The advantage of remanufactured ammo is cost.

The exact cost will depend on the bullet and the company you buy it from.

For instance, a new 9mm round costs around 50 cents, but a remanufactured 9mm sells for around 30 cents.

You could likely save hundreds of dollars when purchasing bulk amounts of remanufactured ammo.

However, before buying remanufactured ammo I would do research on the company to make sure the ammo they produce is reliable.

Many companies that sell remanufactured ammo will sell it in bulk.

They also tend to carry calibers that are harder to find.

So, if you need a unique caliber, it could be easier to find remanufactured.

Additionally, some companies that sell remanufactured ammo will give you credit for returning brass, which could save you even more money.

Concerns with remanufactured ammo:

The first drawback to using remanufactured ammo is that it can void the warranty of the firearm.

For instance, if you buy a new Glock, the warranty information says it will be void if you use remanufactured ammo.

Another issue with remanufactured ammo is the quality of the casing.

The thing is, when you fire a bullet the casing quality obviously drops.

The casing can be scratched or deformed when the bullet fires.

In theory, a company would catch this during the remanufacturing, but it’s not foolproof.

Because of this, remanufactured ammo wouldn’t be my first choice for self-defense.

But you can definitely use it for practice at the range, and it can make shooting a lot more affordable.

If you are considering remanufactured ammo, check out the website Ammunition Depot.

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