Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

I can’t stress the importance of being prepared enough. Even if terrorism subsides, cyberattacks cease and the economy rallies to new heights, there’s still the unpredictability of natural disasters. To that end, this week’s articles are all about prepping — why it’s more crucial than ever, where to start and how to do it without spending a dime.


The Regulatory State Versus Innovators

Innovation can change the world… if the world lets it. Unfortunately, society’s gatekeepers make it a point to constrain, regulate, and control these ideas. But their power is limited, and the power of innovation is too great. Unfortunately for regulators, there are some technologies they can’t control.


Tax Exiles Flee America

Entrepreneurs are high-tailing it out of the United States, and it’s the politicians’ fault The U.S. government is driving some of its most productive citizens abroad. The only beneficiaries are countries such as Singapore and Switzerland, which offer sanctuary to Americans fleeing avaricious Uncle Sam. Three years ago Eduardo Saverin, one of Facebook’s founders, joined …


The Disturbing Truth Behind Your Next Income Tax Return

The government will do whatever it takes to make sure it has enough of your money to fund itself. On the surface you might think that means enduring a grueling audit. But the IRS and the government is more than willing to ignore your privacy in the cold relentless pursuit of the money they think they deserve. As they get bigger and bigger every year, the smaller and smaller your paycheck becomes as they leach off it.


Weaponizing the IRS

The saga of All Saints could soon be coming to a community near you. Thanks partly to the scandal surrounding the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, the agency has proposed a new set of rules for a huge number of social-welfare groups that claim tax exemption under Section 501(c)4 of the tax code.


“Harry, Don’t Run for President”

What positive steps can we take? The energy that is now expended by well intentioned, freedom-seeking individuals on the destructive course of politics can be turned into powerful steps that will have a positive effect on the future. All are moral, right and just. None require aggressing. Consider the following…