Surviving Martial Law (Part II)

Surviving Martial Law (Part II)

By Frank Bates

Recently, we took a look at what martial law is and some of the ways you can try to survive it.

An emergency state that can be declared at any time by the government, martial law features the military taking over governmental functions for the purpose of restoring order during a time of chaos.

If people are rioting in the streets and you believe your home and the lives of you and your family are at risk, you might not mind martial law being declared. It could be the only thing that keeps you safe.

But if the government were to decide to declare martial law before conditions such as those exist, it would be safe to assume it is more interested in taking people’s freedoms away so that it can more easily control them.

Police and Soldiers and Tanks, Oh, No!

Once martial law has been put into place, there will be a significant military presence in the streets, especially in urban areas. Plenty of armed soldiers and tanks will be in clear view, with people’s behavior being closely watched.

Curfews will be announced to keep people off the streets from dusk to dawn. People will not be allowed to gather in groups of more than 10 or 20. Travel restrictions will be enacted.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press could both be quashed during a period of martial law, especially if the government does not like what you are saying or what kind of news is being disseminated.

So what’s the best way for you to handle the situation once it comes about?

First of all, let’s understand one thing: This WILL happen at some point or another. Look how much our country has changed in less than 250 years and especially in the past 25 years.

Government keeps getting bigger, states’ rights keep getting smaller and many in Congress no longer want to serve but be served. And feared. And obeyed. We are headed toward a totalitarian state and it’s just going to keep getting worse.

Bugging out Is Best… if You Can

The single best way to deal with martial law is to quietly bug out to a predetermined location in a remote area where you have established a place with food, water and other supplies that will carry you through for as long as martial law is in effect. Unfortunately, the percentage of people who are prepared for this is probably less than 1%.

If you are among the 99%-plus who will need to stick around and try to stay anonymous, welcome to the club. This will be a big challenge, but at least you will have company.

The key for you will be to stay so far under the government’s radar that you are never a candidate to be placed in a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camp.

During a time of martial law, it will be perfectly natural for you to seek out like-minded people as strongly opposed to what the government is doing as you are. It will feel good to get that off your chest, especially because you will be spending most of your day acting like nothing is wrong in order to stay out of the government’s spotlight.

But you’d better be extremely careful. There will never be enough soldiers to keep watch on what everybody is doing and saying, so they will hire snitches who are taught to act in a manner that will attract other dissidents to them.

Don’t Trust Anyone

Once they feel like they’ve gained your trust, they’ll “confide” in you in the hopes that you will confide in them. If you do, they’ll report you and off you’ll go to a FEMA camp. So unless it’s a trusted friend or relative, don’t let anyone know what you really think.

Even if you limit what you say to those around you, your true loyalties could still be uncovered. How? By what you communicate online and on your phone.

Assuming the internet is alive and well after martial law is declared, everything you communicate through your computer and on your landline and cellphones will be looked at or listened to by some government censor.

This should not be the least bit surprising to anyone, based on what we know the National Security Agency is already doing.

They record everything and unfortunately are receiving plenty of assistance from companies that should be on our side but instead are in bed with the government… companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

What are some things you can do to avoid detection during a state of martial law? Here are five:

  • Learn where all the surveillance cameras are in your area and make a map of them so you can determine routes where you will not be seen
  • Get rid of your smartphone and use simple, disposable cellphones. Otherwise, the GPS in your phone will give you away
  • Don’t use email except for the most basic communications. Don’t reveal anything about your activities or express any opinions
  • If you stay on social media, don’t use it to voice opinions
  • Become increasingly aware of your surroundings. Watch out for people who you seem to see a little too often for it to be a coincidence.

We’ll wrap up this discussion of martial law in the near future, focusing on ways to hide your stuff from authorities, the advantages of bugging out and where the best places will be to go once martial law is declared.

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