Moving to Stay Alive

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

Understanding the basics of suturing…

What you need to know about handgun safeties…

Ham radio emergency frequencies to have on hand…

How moving will keep you alive…

And your guide to surviving landslides.

Let’s dive in…

The Basics of Suturing

Some of the worst accidents happen when you are away from town. Here is what you need to know to repair an injury when you are in a pinch. Read more here. 

Pros and Cons of Manual Safeties on Handguns

Safeties: some people have them, some don’t. Here is a list of pros and cons for deciding whether you want one on your handgun or not. Read more here.

Your Guide to Ham Radio Emergency Frequencies

Ham radios can be your best friend when a disaster hits. Here are the frequencies you should keep on hand. Read more here.

Handgun Self-Defense: Move to Stay Alive

Knowing how to use your gun can save your life, but even more importantly, knowing how to move in this kind of situation will be even more necessary. Read more here.

Landslide Guide: Recommendations to Protect Humans and Property

It seems landslides are happening more and more. It’s nearly impossible to know when one will hit, but here is what you need to know to prepare. Read more here.

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