Surviving a Stampede

In this week’s Must-Read articles see how to survive a human stampede along with important assessment tools you can use to make it out of any situation.

You will learn about the 8 common mistakes most concealed carriers are making and how not to as well as why it is important to keep a gas mask in your home.

Finally, check out how you can turn an everyday item into your life saving self-defense weapon.

Let’s dive in…

How Not to Die in a Human Stampede

If you have ever ridden the New York subway system or gone shopping on Black Friday, then you know the chances of a stampede are more possible than one might realize. Take a look at some practical ways to avoid finding yourself at the bottom of a pile. Read more here. 

Can You Stay Alive? Assessing Outdoor Risks

Half the battle of surviving in any circumstance, whether it be a casual hike or broken down and lost in the middle of nowhere, is the ability to assess your surroundings and identify the risks at hand. Considering this, you can greatly improve your chances of survival. Read more here. 

8 Concealed Carry Mistakes You Might Make

Whether you are a rookie carrier or have been concealed carrying for years, there are several mistakes too commonly made. See if you are falling into the trap of any of these 8 mistakes. Read more here. 

Why You Should Always Have a Gas Mask in Your House

There is one item you should consider having in your possession, and believe it or not, it’s a gas mask. If you are wondering why you would need it in this day and age, this article strikes some compelling considerations and helps direct you into the right one for you. Read more here. 

Weapons of Opportunity-Everyday Objects for Self-Defense

Danger can strike at any time, especially when on vacation. You cannot take a weapon every where you travel, especially if by flight. So, how do you protect yourself or you family when this happens? Take a look at some great improvised weapons you can find laying around. Read more here. 

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