Surviving a Gunshot

In this week’s Must-Read articles include…

Knowing when to shoot and when not to…

How neuroscientists are predicting your choices before you do…

How to survive a thunderstorm while hiking…

5 things you must know and do if you get shot…

And what new numbers are showing about the U.S. and global economy.

Let’s dive in…

Smart Self-Defense: Knowing When To Shoot And When Not To

Anyone who carries has to face the reality that someday they might find themselves needing to use their gun. Sadly, there are some who never fully think this through. Read More Here.

Neuroscientists Can Predict Your Choices Before You Make Them

Does free will truly exist? According to a new study, maybe not. It appears that we may have less control over our personal choices than we think. Read More Here.

How To Survive a Thunderstorm While Hiking

If you spend much time outdoors hiking and camping, it is inevitable that you will become trapped in a thunderstorm regardless of how well you keep track of the weather. Being outdoors during a storm can be dangerous, and there are certain things you need to do to stay safe. Read More Here.

5 Things You Must Know and Do if You Get Shot

It’s important to remember that bad guys like guns, too. There is a very real possibility that during a major crisis, you could get shot. If that happened, what would you do? Read More Here.

New Numbers Confirm the Global and U.S. Economy Are the Weakest They Have Been Since The Last Recession

Even mainstream economists are admitting that economic activity is slowing down.  And at this point that fact would be very difficult to deny, because the numbers are very clear. Read More Here.

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