Sun, Space and Survival

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This week’s must-read articles focus on a variety of topics from survival skills to solar highways. Read up on missions in space, what’s causing the spike in liver damage and cancer, and which disasters and emergencies are most likely to affect you and how to prepare for them.

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1. 8 Basic Survival Skills to Teach Your Children

It is travel season and many parents are taking their children on all kinds of adventures. Whether you are visiting one of the National Parks, touring around Europe or just happen to be hanging out in or around your home, a disaster could strike at any time.

While most adults are prepared for certain situations, one thing that tends to get overlooked is sharing that information with children so that they too are equipped with basic survival knowledge.

2. Space Force and the Mission to Protect National and Commercial Interests in Space

One administrator at NASA strongly believes that Americans’ well-being is tied to what happens far above Earth.

Developing a stronger presence in space does not come without debate. Space force means different things to different people. Some have goals to make venturing into space a commerce for travel. Others believe it is important for it to be militarized to protect from negative international interference.

However it is viewed, the topic is under discussion and plans are in the making. Check out the article above to find out more on what is in store for space exploration.

3. Top 21 Disasters and Emergencies Most Likely to Occur

Whether you are an avid prepper, someone who tends to run out of supplies more often than not or somewhere in the middle, there are some disasters that are simply unavoidable.

When was the last time you were in a car accident? Or perhaps one of your family members lost their job? Maybe your child gets hurt while playing a sport. What about when your home has electrical issues and a fire ensues? These are just a few examples of occurrences that happen way too often — are you prepared for them?

Knowing the common disasters and emergencies most likely to affect you will help you prepare for if and when these situations actually happen.

4. Meet Georgia’s Solar Road

Charging station… Solar paved roadway… Tire pressure system… Pollinator garden… These are just some of the highlights of Georgia’s 18 miles of road called “The Ray.”

The goal of the solar road is to become the world’s first sustainable highway. The road is funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation endowment made up of individual contributions and corporate sponsorships.

With all the interest these days in solar energy and its possibilities, The Ray embraces those benefits and continues to expand on that ingenuity.

5. Liver Damage and Liver Cancer on the Rise

Is there a connection between alcohol use and unemployment associated with the global financial crisis? Dr. Elliot Tapper, the lead author on this study of liver damage, seems to think so.

There are many side effects from consuming alcohol, yet many reasons why people engage in its consumption.

Some enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine at the end of the work day. Some might have a few drinks when meeting up with friends or on a holiday. Some use it as a coping mechanism and others don’t drink at all.

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, liver damage is on the rise. The link above reveals staggering information published by a British Medical Journal.

Take a look. And as always…

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Jason Hanson

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