Self-Defense Moves Even a 15-Year-Old Can Do [Video Update]

Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader,

Earlier this week I stopped by Harry to show Harry Connick Jr. and his teenage daughter four basic self-defense moves anyone can do.

These techniques take absolutely zero training at all — and they’re designed to be fast and effective in order to stun your attacker and give you the chance to escape.

While these four maneuvers are powerful, there’s another tri-part tactic you should have in your back pocket — one that’s so deadly I couldn’t show it on television.

This special set of moves is the secret weapon of our nation’s undercover operatives, who face danger all the time.

And today, I am making this trade secret available to all American civilians.

Click here to see it for yourself.

Then check out today’s video alert, in which you’ll learn…

  • The simple move that could break an attacker’s nose in a single swipe
  • What Dracula has to do with self-defense — and how to protect your entire face with this vampire-inspired maneuver
  • The two most vulnerable areas on any attacker — no matter how big and strong they are
  • How to escape from a trunk in 10 seconds or less — even if your hands and feet are duct-taped (watch Harry do it in less than five)
  • And more!

Click on the image below to watch.

Jason self defense lesson

And as always…

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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