Secret Hiding Places

As a fellow “survivalist”, you know that your equipment is critically important to your very existence in a crisis.

Just one single item could mean the difference between life or death for you and your family.

An EDC (“every day carry”) knife is a good example, right?

The right knife can be used to break out a windshield to save you from a burning car… cut through the lodged seat belt to save your kids… or fend off a band of renegade looters during civil unrest.

For more “must-have” EDC survival gear, click here…

But here’s the thing…

Unless you’re a soldier on the battlefield, you don’t want to be flashing all of your cool survival gear around.

What you want is to stay “covert” so no one knows what type of gadgets you’re carrying.

This keeps you from being targeted in a crisis for either looting or begging from the “unprepared”.

Here are a few often-ignored “secret hiding spots” for your EDC gear:

“Coin pocket” – Most people forget that this little pocket at the top of your right-side front jeans pocket even exists.

But it’s a super handy place for small survival items you want fast access to. You’ll be surprised at what you can fit in there without even noticing it!

Shoelaces – Switch out your regular shoelaces with colored 550 paracord. It comes in all colors (my kids get white) and inside the cord is 7 strands of strong nylon string for many scenarios.

Typical laces are 4-5′ long so this gives you up to 70′ of string while still leaving you with shoelaces.

“Money belt” – These were cool… then they were dorky… now I’m making them cool again! The inside of the belt has a hidden zippered pocket for money (as well as small items like a razor, etc. for any number of needs).

Bottom line, you must examine the best EDC gear to survive an “instant emergency”.

A great checklist can be found here!

Are you prepared?

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