Saving Money for the End of the World

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Cybercriminals are becoming more and more brazen, with each coordinated attack infecting more machines and taking down more networks than before.

What happens if the next attack takes down our financial system — even for a just short time? Would you still be able to provide for your family?

If your answer is no — or even a tentative yes — take a look at today’s first must-read article. Because when it comes to bolstering your ability to save, it might just be the answer you need.

1. Don’t File Social Security Benefits Until You See This

It’s absolutely critical that you’re financially prepared to protect your family if the SHTF. That being said, I realize how difficult it is for many people to save.

Luckily, this shocking discovery could mean the difference between collecting a meager $1,000 from Social Security and getting up to $6,235 a month.

Click the link above to find out if you qualify. But you must act before July 20 in order to get your first deposit, so don’t delay.

2. Cyberattack: Is My Computer at Risk?

Taking over an organization’s computer system and holding it for ransom is becoming one of the most popular ways for cybercriminals to make money. According to the Justice Department, ransomware attacks averaged 4,000 per day in 2016. And 2017 is off to a fast start to surpass that number.

Over the weekend, malware dubbed WannaCry started taking over computers across the globe, locking users out of their files and demanding $300 to restore access.

If you find yourself the victim of a ransomware attack, what should you do? To pay or not to pay? And how do you determine if your computer is at risk in the first place?

Check out the article above to learn more about the scale of this unprecedented attack, how it spread so quickly and why people weren’t protected. Plus, the one thing you should always do to protect your files.

3. How to Hot-Wire a Car When the SHTF

Obviously, I am not advocating criminal activity. But in a survival situation, there’s no telling what skills may come in handy. And one of those skills just might be how to hot-wire a car for a quick getaway.

Take a look at the post above from our friends over at Ask a Prepper. You’ll learn how to hot-wire a car in four steps, the types of vehicles on which this technique will work, the four tools you’ll need to do it and why it’s important to practice this skill before you need to use it in a survival situation.

The best part about this tutorial? It includes pictures with each step, so you can confidently master this skill in no time.

4. North Korea: New Long-Range Missile Can Carry Heavy Nuke

It feels like we’re inching ever closer to a showdown with North Korea. The question remains exactly how much of a threat does this mysterious nation pose?

According to this article from The Associated Press, “North Korean propaganda must be considered with wariness.” But one of my contacts who still performs clandestine operations around the world told me he believes North Korea already has weapons that can reach the United States.

Click on the link above to read more about this latest missile test and why experts are growing concerned that fears over North Korea’s nuclear capabilities may indeed be true.

5. 13 Ways to Catch Fish for Survival

Catching fish in a survival situation is not as easy as you might think it is — even if you regularly fish for pleasure.

This piece from True Prepper runs down 13 technique to try. As this article points out, different methods will be more effective depending on the region and the type of fish you’re hunting. But keep in mind that a few of these options are not legal in certain places.

The article above also features a video showing you how to make a fish trap out of a very common household item. Check it out.

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Jason Hanson

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