Staying Safe When on the Road

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

Kerosene vs propane heaters and what you need to know…

How you can defend yourself in gun free zones…

What you need to stockpile in your emergency rations…

How to simplify your life…

And what to carry when your job keeps you on the road.

Let’s dive in…

Kerosene vs Propane Heaters: What You Need to Know

Winter is around the corner and staying warm is a necessity. Here is what you need to know when considering kerosene vs propane heaters for your home. Read more here. 

How to Actually Defend Yourself in a Gun Free Zone

There are many places that do not allow the freedom of carrying a gun, which may leave you vulnerable to a scary situation. Find out how you can defend yourself if you find yourself in a gun free zone. Read more here. 

Emergency Rations: What You Need to Stockpile

It is responsible to have a healthy amount of food rations stored in case of emergencies. Learn the best items to keep on hand that will go the distance. Read more here. 

5 Tips for Simplifying Your Life

Simplifying your life can improve it dramatically and help you focus on what is valuable and what is not. See how one guy went a whole year without spending money on anything other than food. Read more here. 

Emergency Carry: When Your Job Keeps You on the Road

For anyone who has to travel constantly for work, you understand the safety challenges that come with it. Check out what you need to consider and implement to stay safe on the road. Read more here. 

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