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How to Survive a Nuclear Blast

As we covered in our most recent issue, the world is on high alert for a possible nuclear attack. I this doesn’t happens, but it’s a possibility for which we need to be prepared. Today, I want to share with you how to prepare for such an attack and what to do if, God forbid, it should come to pass.


Foreword to The Idea of America

“In the beginning, all the world was America.” — John Locke “The Garden of Eden was a perfect place,” my friend Manuel explained. “Man had free will. He could live in harmony with nature and God — and everything would be fine. But if he defied God, the stain of original sin would be on …


Snowden’s Cry for Freedom

A cushy job in Hawaii that pays six figures. A beautiful girlfriend/boyfriend. Job security and professional experience that gives you plenty of future opportunities. Would you throw that all away to do what you think is right? Last year, one government contractor did just that. And now you see the world the government tried to hide from you.