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This week’s batch of must-read articles from around the web covers a variety of threats, from hacking to school shootings to peaceful protests turned violent.

It’s unfortunate, but the way the world is now, you’ve got to be prepared for all of the above — and more. Because you never know what will happen, and you should be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones no matter what tomorrow brings.

1. 13 Tips on Surviving a Protest

Protests are becoming more and more common in our increasingly polarized nation. And while I stand behind everyone’s right to free speech, I never want to find myself caught in a demonstration turned violent.

Here is a great article from Joe Alton over at with 13 tips on safely navigating civil unrest in your town.

Some of the recommendations are also aimed at helping you protect yourself while participating in a protest. Because civil debate and the right to peacefully demonstrate is one of the hallmarks that makes this country great.

2. If You Don’t Have This One Item — Nothing Else Matters

You can have all the food and fancy survival tools in the world, but if your bug-out bag lacks this one item, you’ve essentially signed your own death certificate.

I’m not trying to be hyperbolic or frighten you. It’s true. And I can say that with certainty, because this particular device saved MY life when an overseas mission went awry.

Now I make sure I have one of these handy gadgets in every single bug-out bag I’ve put together for myself and my family members. And I recommend you do the same. Because someday, this object could be the one thing that stands between you and certain death.

3. Colorado to Arm Teachers in Classrooms

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m a huge advocate of guns. I firmly believe in the right of every citizen to protect themselves, their family and their property by owning as many guns as they want.

That being said, I also strongly believe in being properly trained when it comes to guns so that you feel comfortable and confident using one if the need arises. Furthermore, guns need to be properly stored so an unwitting person (say, a child) can’t get their hands on them.

Putting guns in schools is a controversial issue with compelling arguments on both sides. Certainly, owning guns makes everyone safer, but a poorly trained person with a gun is a danger not only to themselves but to everyone around them.

4. 50 Low-Priced Items That Will Be Invaluable When the SHTF

At some point or another, I’ve discussed the importance of having virtually every single one of these items when the SHTF. But this post from Ask a Prepper puts them all down in one convenient checklist.

Take a look and count how many of the items on this list you already have. This will give you a better idea of just how prepared you really are to handle an emergency — and you’ll know what still need to buy before the next big disaster strikes.

5. What It Will Take for Cybersecurity to Become Common Sense

Cybercrime is a big problem — and it’s only going to get bigger. But most Americans don’t take cybersecurity seriously enough.

Creating strong passwords… enabling two-factor authentication… using a VPN when surfing public Wi-Fi… being smart when it comes to sharing on social media…

These practices should all be second nature to you, just like locking your doors and wearing your seat belt. They’re designed to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal information — and they’re just plain smart.

Click on the article above to find out why most people aren’t taking the necessary steps to avoid becoming an online victim. Then make sure you’re doing each of the things above so you won’t be one of them.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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