Protecting Your Home During an Emergency

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

Busting 16 common food storage myths…

Ways to help friends and family get prepared in a hurry…

Affordable ways to protect your home during an emergency…

How to prepare for bugging out with disabilities…

And which solar powered radios to consider owning.

Let’s dive in…

16 Food Storage Myths Busted
With the recent pandemic, many around the country have loaded up on necessary food items to outlast the current quarantine period. However, it’s important to not let any of it go to waste. In order to stay safe and healthy with the food on hand, take a look at these 16 common food storage myths that you may not know about. Read more here. 
How to Help Friends and Loved Ones Get Prepared in a Hurry
While I’m sure many of you have taken the steps to make sure you are prepared for any emergency that comes your way, the same may not be true for the loved ones in your life. Here are some incredible ways you can help them prep in a hurry. Read more here. 
15 Affordable Ways to Protect Your Home During an Emergency
Whether you are weathering a storm at the hands of Mother Nature or have to bug out in a hurry, there are some easy and affordable ways you can keep your home safe from unwanted visitors. Read more here. 
Bugging Out With Disabilities: How to Prepare
If you or someone you know or live with is affected by any kind of disability, then it is even more important that you have everything you need at a moments notice. Check out how you can do this now to save from any challenges later. Read more here. 
Solar Powered Radio: Which Should You Use
Solar powered radios are proving to be a great resource to have in your stockpile of useful goods. Their features include easy charging, ports for your phone cable and many many other great things. Take a look at a few suggestions of current models out there now. Read more here. 

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