Keeping Your Firearms Under Martial Law

In this week’s mailbag we cover…

Recommendations for quality drones…

Confiscation of firearms under martial law…

Whether or not you can be tracked in airplane mode…

How to ship firearms to clients if you have an FFL…

My take on appendix carry vs lower back carry…

And IDShield benefits as well as other identity theft protection services.

Let’s dive in…

What recommendations would you have for a quality drone to use to help gather intel during a disaster or bug-out situation?

-Mark D

Answer: I would check out the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, which is one of the best aerial surveillance drones on the market. This model has 4 rotors to assist its flight, making it more stable than other types of drones.

In addition, the Phantom 3 model is light in weight, but has a Carbon Fiber Hardshell making it strong and durable.

I’m retired Army and was curious if martial law is declared, is confiscation of firearms automatic or are there mitigating circumstances?

-Scott D

Answer: For martial law to be effective, you must first have a means of declaring it to the general population. Second, you must have a means of enforcing it.

The problem is, in a nationwide disaster, both of these things might not be feasible. The gun confiscation question is if county and local law enforcement personnel will be willing to carry it out and if the military will too.

Will they really be willing to fight legally armed citizens if they face resistance? Let’s hope we never find out. Plus, you should always have some “off the books” guns that nobody knows exists.

If I have my smart phone on airplane mode, will it still give my location if someone is tracking me?

-Michael G

Answer: It depends on your specific model of smartphone and the technology it uses. Basically, GPS technology is a different type of radio signal than other types of signals on your smartphone.

GPS is a receive only signal and it is typically still turned on during airplane mode. Therefore, you can receive the data from GPS satellites without any need for a cellular signal.

In fact, even if you are on a plane it is possible to receive the GPS broadcasts. The best thing to do is to simply turn your phone off if you think someone is tracking you.

I’m very interested in a federal firearms license (FFL) from my home. Here’s my question, if I sell a firearm online to someone in Nebraska, is a store front FFL required in any way to receive my client’s weapon? In essence how do we get clients a weapon bought online?

-Richard O

Answer: If you and the buyer live in different states, you cannot ship the firearm directly to the buyer. For the buyer to receive the firearm, you will need to find a local dealer with a federal firearms license.

Any reputable gun store in their area should be able to do this. Gun stores typically charge $25 to $50 for this service, and in some states the buyer will have to pay sales tax.

So, this is just like buying a gun online. They can’t ship the gun to your doorstep, they ship it to a local gun store and this is what you would do.

Do you recommended carrying concealed at your lower back vs appendix carry?

-Mitch T

Answer: No, I would never recommended that anyone carry concealed in the small of their back. In addition to injury (if you fell on your back), it takes too long to draw the gun.

You need to be able to have a smooth draw, fast. The places I like to carry are on my hip, in my pocket, and appendix carry.

What do you think of IDShield or similar identity theft protection?

-Jennifer K

Answer: I haven’t personally used IDShield, but after doing some research, they are one of the options I would consider. For starters, a family plan that provides coverage for two adults and up to eight minors costs only $20 a month.

The service monitors a broad range of personal information, including public records, credit monitoring and credit reports. They offer 24-hour support and have a smartphone app to keep you alerted to any concerns.

The most important thing you can do first is to freeze your credit. (Just google how to put a credit freeze on.)

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