Pro-gun lawyer shot dead by an MRI machine?

Leandro N. was a lawyer in Brazil with a big presence on social media and thousands of followers.

He was pro-gun and much of his social media was related to firearms.

Recently, Leandro took his mother to Laboratorio Cura (a hospital) in São Paulo for an MRI.

As many people know, MRI machines use a magnetic field and radio waves to create images of the body and scan for damage to organs and tissues that x-rays can’t detect.

When you go in for an MRI you are asked a series of questions and sign paperwork to ensure you don’t have any metal objects in or on your body.

Since the MRI machine is a giant, very strong, magnet, it will pull in whatever metal is nearby.

Unfortunately, Leandro ignored the warnings about carrying metal objects near the MRI machine, and he had his gun concealed on his body as he assisted his mother.

The magnetic field from the MRI machine tore the gun off Leandro’s body and somehow caused a round to be fired.

Leandro was struck by the stray bullet and immediately hospitalized. Sadly, he died of his injuries from the gunshot wound.

A spokesperson for the hospital said that Leandro and his mother were “warned about the removal of any metallic objects” on the day of the accident.

He and his mother signed forms related to metal objects in the office, and the hospital noted that Leandro did not mention the gun.

In addition, the hospital released a statement that said, “We would like to emphasize that all accident prevention protocols were followed by the Cura team.”

Now, if you’re going to carry concealed, rule number one is that you want your gun to be secured where only you can access it. (And don’t take it near an MRI machine.)

And if you choose to carry a gun loose in your pocket or a jacket, it’s likely not as protected as if it were in a holster attached to your belt.

However, there are other options – such as a jacket –  that allow you to carry outside of a holster and still keep your gun secured.

So, if you often wear a jacket and carry a firearm it might be worth checking out jackets that are specifically designed for concealed carry.

Benefits of jackets designed for concealed carry:

A jacket is a good article of clothing to hide a firearm because most jackets are big enough to prevent imprinting from the firearm.

Jackets that are made to hold firearms typically have side zippers and pockets with zippers on the inside to allow access to the firearm through the pocket.

And certain companies, such as Rothco, make jackets that are specifically designed for holding firearms.

One advantage of carrying a weapon in a jacket is that it’s easy to conceal. Also, depending on the specific garment, they don’t look like “tactical jackets.”

Perhaps one of the best things about a jacket that holds a firearm is that you could have your hand on the weapon without anyone knowing.

So, if you are in a dangerous situation, you could be ready to draw your weapon by having a solid grip, but with your finger off the trigger.

Drawbacks to carrying a gun in a jacket:

When it comes to jackets that can hold pistols there are plenty of options online, but I wouldn’t buy a cheap jacket to keep your firearm in.

Also, if you choose to keep a gun in your jacket, consider adding a holster, or get a jacket that has straps for gun retention.

Don’t let the gun move around.

If you put a gun inside a jacket pocket with no holster the gun could move around and point in an unsafe direction.

A drawback to carrying in a jacket is that it can be hard to draw your pistol.

Like anything else, you should practice drawing from the jacket, because it will take time, and will be different from what you are used to.

Which jacket is best?:

A few jackets to look at are the Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket and the Venado Concealed Carry Jacket.

You’ll find a lot of different styles of jackets that are designed for concealed carry.

Choose the option you like the best, and that fits your intended purposes, and practice carrying, drawing and dry firing from various positions before wearing the jacket outside.

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