Avoid These Common Bug Out Bag Mistakes

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

What to do about these 6 online banking and shopping problems…

The proper ways to store firearms…

51 EMP-proof tools and items to stockpile…

Why you should or shouldn’t consider a chamber adapter…

And 15 bug out bag mistakes to avoid.

Let’s dive in…

What to Do About 6 Online Banking and Shopping Problems During Covid-19

Online services have become an invaluable convenience to all modern day transactions from banking to commerce. However, lately more and more issues are poking holes in the system so many have relied on. Find out how you can deal with these 6 current issues. Read more here. 

The Proper Way to Store Firearms

Now it may seem like common sense when it comes to proper firearm storage, but more often than not common mistakes are being made. Take a look at the best ways to store firearms for not only safety but the longevity of your weapons as well. Read more here. 

51 EMP-Proof Tools and Items to Stockpile

If you are looking to prepare for mega-disasters such as an EMP attack, there are certain items you should have on hand. Take a look at 51 tools that’ll help you in case of this event and what advantages they offer. Read more here.

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Consider a Chamber Adapter

Chamber adapters can be an excellent resource when you are unable to carry more than one firearm with you to a remote location where different calibers may become necessary. Find out what you should and shouldn’t consider about taking one of these with you. Read more here. 

15 Bug Out Bag Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

By now I’m sure you know the importance of having one or multiple bug out bags available at your disposal in case of an emergency. The list of items packed inside there will vary by person. So instead of suggesting what to pack, take into consideration these common mistakes that are made. Read more here. 

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