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In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss how I break in my trigger along with safety considerations when purchasing a new computer.

I’ll weigh the pros and cons of a .22 vs 9mm for self-defense along with the differences between a Glock 19 and a Glock 23.

You will also receive my tips on what to do should a nuke hit the U.S. and lastly, how to deal with your phones listening in on you.

Let’s dive in…

I recently purchased a Sig P365… When I first fired the gun, I noticed that the trigger pull wasn’t as smooth as my Glock 43. I’m considering taking the SIG to a gunsmith to have them smooth out the trigger pull. Do you ever do that? Or, when you purchase a new firearm, do you just leave it the way it came from the factory?

– John H

Answer: I don’t ever do that because I just break it in doing a lot of dry fire trigger pulls. So, every morning, I do at least 25 trigger pulls. That’s over 700 trigger pulls a month and usually smooths out any issues I have.


My laptop is reaching the end of its life. Which is the safest brand or model of laptop to replace it with?

– Neil M

Answer: Many people think that Apple computers are more secure than a PC. The truth is the Apple operating system is harder to exploit than Microsoft, but it is not completely resistant to viruses. The thing is, whether you go with a Mac or PC, you need to take personalized security steps when setting up your computer.

For instance, you should use a reputable anti-virus software and always use a virtual private network (VPN) on your computer. Lastly, regularly check for updates on any computer you buy to make sure that the latest security software is installed no matter if it is a Mac or PC.


Could you address the pros and cons of owning a .22 vs. 9mm handgun for home defense?

– Marcus W

Answer: When it comes to home defense, I recommend a 9mm over a .22 for the simple fact that the 9mm has more stopping power. Even though a .22 can cause damage and kill someone, the 9mm is more powerful. For example, a 9mm round can penetrate 12 inches.

A .22 round won’t penetrate that far and when you are trying to stop an attacker, you want to stop the threat, which is usually done by damaging a vital part of the body. So, I would definitely stick with a 9mm round for home defense. (I use Speer Gold Dot as my 9mm home defense ammo.)


You’ve mentioned the Glock 19 in previous articles. In comparison, what do you think about the Glock 23?

– Jacob S

Answer: These guns are nearly identical to each other except the Glock 23 is a .40 caliber and the Glock 19 is a 9mm. Now, there has always been the fact that the .40 provides more stopping power, which is why many people prefer the 23 to the 19.

With that being said, with the quality of ammo you can buy these days, I’m completely confident carrying a 9mm defensive round and I trust that it will stop a threat. I know there are a lot of people who still say a .40 is better, but the Glock 19 has less recoil and is easier to shoot more accurately for most people. I think both guns would be great to own and it’s important to find which one fits you best.


Imagine waking up tomorrow and Iran has dropped as nuke on us, what do you do.

– Brett S

Answer: When it comes to preparing for a nuclear attack, you want to do many similar preparations as you would for other emergency situations. You want to stock up your food and water supply, including having a bug out bag or bags for your family.

In the event of a nuclear bomb, you would want to stay inside your home in a basement or shelter with no windows and as little exposure to the outside as possible. Most importantly, you wouldn’t want to go outside until it was safe to do so, which could be an extended amount of time. So, you need to plan on being able to hunker down in your house for at least one week.


I had a doctor’s appointment recently. While talking to my doctor I told him about a procedure a prior doctor had used… I haven’t seen the prior doctor for years. I haven’t looked him up or researched him, etc. and yet after the visit, this prior doctor’s name popped up on FB as a friend suggestion. Is this just too much of a coincidence? Should my phone stay in my car during doctor visits?

– Karly T

Answer: Your phone could have easily picked this up. This is why, if I am ever having an important meeting or conversation, my phone stays in my car and does not come into the room.

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