Shooter at My Door

In this week’s Must-Read articles see the different uses of sandbags and why you need to have them along with some incredible advantages to having a lithium-ion battery.

You will also learn some invaluable ways to keep your data safe in this modern day as well as what you need to do to tackle long-term power outages.

Lastly, read up on some important and simple ways to avoid being shot through your own front door.

Let’s dive in…

How to Use Sandbags for Survival

Sandbags are versatile and therefore are instrumental in a number of disaster situations. Check out the variety of ways they can be used and why you need to own them now. Read more here. 

8 Advantages of Lithium-ion Batteries for Off-Grid Energy

Developers have come up with newer and more efficient ways to provide you power if you end up off the grid. Lithium-ion batteries are incredible and provide a great number of advantages that will really help you in a bind. Read more here.

How To Keep Your Data Safe In The Modern World

It is becoming harder and harder to maintain your privacy and keep your personal information safe. While it is almost impossible to have no digital footprint these days, there are some key ways you can keep your data safe. Read more here. 

Cooking, Surviving And Thriving During A Long-Term Power Outage

With hurricane season upon us, power outages become a common occurrence. And while you may be prepared for a short term loss, there are some important factors to consider if you end up with a long-term power outage.  Read more here. 

How to Avoid Being Shot Through Your Door

Home invaders don’t just break in when you are away, many will attempt to attack you from the other side of your door. Check out some tips to help you when a stranger lands on your front porch. Read more here. 

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