Man Shoots Home Invaders With Gun to Daughter’s Head. Would YOU Take the Shot?

If a gunman put a pistol to your child’s head… if a mugger put a snubnosed revolver in your spouse’s face… could you make that shot?

Would you even try?

Well, one St. Louis man recently did when a pair of home invaders took his teenage daughter hostage from the front of their home and tried forcing her into the house to do God knows what to her and her family.

The man grabbed his gun and shot them both before they could get past the front door.

He shot them both!

One of the two home invaders was pronounced dead at the scene, and I guarantee you that was the one holding this man’s daughter.

But it should force you to look at how he did it and ask yourself these three home-defense hostage questions.

1. Is Your Gun Accessible (Like NOW)?

In this man’s story, the gunmen didn’t get a chance to take control of his family inside because he got the drop on them.

Is your gun accessible quickly enough that you could respond to an instant attack like this?

Or do you have to run upstairs to your bedside table or gun safe to get it?

2. Are You a Responsibly Armed FAMILY

What if you’re ambushed, beaten and tied up?

Does your spouse also have a firearm — and the training to back it up?

Would your children even know how to fire a gun without your coaching if they were able to access one in a struggle or when a home invader wasn’t looking?

3. How Would You Save a Loved One Held Hostage?

You need to have a plan based on a scenario where someone you love could be taken hostage — no matter how “tactically” you think you live your life.

In this St. Louis man’s scenario, his daughter was used as a hostage, and home invaders know that putting a gun to a loved one’s head will get you to comply every time.

Could you take the shot if your child or spouse had a gun to their head?

Think about it… Even at three yards in the relaxed atmosphere of a gun range, your shot group could be off just enough to kill your loved one.

Now, imagine if your heart is racing… your hands are trembling… and the home invader is five, seven — or more — yards away.

(We have a whole section on exactly what to do in this encounter — step by step — in our Extreme Home Defense Tactics manual.)

Don’t wonder what you’d do when that terrible moment comes.

Answer these three questions and put your plan in place now!

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