How to Quickly Fortify Your Home Against Attacks

In September 2020, Paul C. and his wife, Barbara were arrested after an armed standoff at their Utah home.

The couple were evicted from their home, but moved back in without permission, and said they would never leave.

It all started because the pair did not file tax returns from 1999-2005.

They owed more than $1 million in taxes.

Because of that, the federal government took possession of their house.

U.S. marshals evicted them in 2019 and the house was sold at auction to a new owner.

Yet, according to police, the couple broke into the house and began living there again.

Local police contacted the couple at the home and asked why they were there.

But the couple refused to speak with local authorities.

Another court eviction notice was delivered to the couple, but they still didn’t leave.

According to police, the couple brought others in to support their cause.

One supporter of the couple claimed he was willing to give his life for their cause.

A neighbor saw a group of men wearing military camouflage and practicing “movements” in the backyard.

Another neighbor reported seeing sandbags carried into the home.

So, law enforcement began conducting surveillance on the home.

During surveillance, law enforcement observed militia looking men guarding the home with firearms.

It all came to a head when police, including a SWAT team, surrounded the home.

Police could see people dressed in military-style gear and bulletproof vests.

As the SWAT team cleared the home they discovered 2x4s placed in strategic locations, blocking anyone attempting to gain access.

They also found sandbags stacked in some spots from the floor to the ceiling, arranged in a “fighting position.”

In one room there was a handgun, shotgun, and AK-47 placed near the sandbags.

The basement was also fortified with wooden boards and sandbags.

Police found a large amount of hydrogen peroxide, magnesium metal, matches and match heads.

These items are used to make homemade explosives.

The couple was arrested without incident.

They were charged with burglary, a second-degree felony, and wrongful appropriation, a third-degree felony.

The couple has been ordered to wear GPS ankle monitors and are free pending court hearings.

It’s clear that the couple put some serious thought and planning into fortifying the home… even if what they did was illegal since they didn’t pay taxes and it wasn’t their home anymore.

But, what if you want to fortify your own home, assuming you aren’t breaking any laws?

These days, if you live where riots or civil unrest is likely to occur after an election…

You may wish to consider your fortification options.

With that in mind, here are a few (realistic) ways you can fortify your home from bullets.

Brick or cinderblock: To be clear, brick and cinderblock aren’t really bulletproof.

They won’t necessarily stop a bullet, especially a high caliber one.

But, they offer a good amount of resistance if you put sand and dirt in-between.

Plus, you can stack bricks or cinderblock two or three deep to provide layers of resistance.

The good thing is these materials are affordable. Plus, you can buy them in large amounts at most hardware stores.

Sandbags: Sandbags have been used by militaries for decades.

Sand works well to stop bullets because it absorbs energy.

The only drawback to sandbags is that they are bulky and can be messy.

But sandbags are affordable compared to other options.

Plus, sandbags can serve a dual purpose of protecting your home in case of flooding.

So, you can have them stored and ready to go for an emergency.

Windows And Doors: Fortifying your walls is a great idea, but it is pointless if you don’t address your windows and doors.

If the bad guy can shoot through your doors or windows then you are still in danger.

When it comes to windows, bulletproof glass is very expensive, so it’s not something most people can do.

Instead, your most cost-effective option is to stack sandbags or another barrier behind the window.

As for doors, bulletproof doors are more common than ballistic glass in homes because they are usually cheaper.

Most ballistic door manufacturers offer a full range of customizable options.

You can choose from glass, wood, or steel models.

Additionally, most companies install a steel door frame along with the ballistic door.

This will be a huge upgrade from your standard door.

Ballistic doors are not cheap at all and start around $3,000.

Protecting your home from flying bullets is something many people want to prepare for.

With the ongoing unrest in our country you never know when a riot or lethal violence could break out.

These methods are the most effective and realistic options for quickly fortifying your home, with sandbags likely being the best option for most people.


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