Extreme Security Measures Against Sophisticated Hackers

Warfare has moved from a physical to a virtual battlefield. And as governments wage war on each other over the internet…

Everyday hackers are watching the battle, adapting ever more advanced tactics for criminal purposes. So, while it’s unlikely you’ll ever be the target of government sanctioned hacking…

Chances are some criminal will use the latest “cyber-weapon” to steal or hack your personal information. Sure, you may have security measures in place such as strong passwords and virtual private networks.

But with the rapid pace of change and sophistication online, it’s hard to keep up to speed…

And, it’s often hard to tell if you’ve done enough to protect yourself from a determined hacker. However, there are some extreme security measures you can use to make it harder for hackers to pull off cyber-attacks on you, so here are just a few:

Computer air gap. The best way to prevent your computer being from hacked is to not connect it to any other computer. This practice is known as air-gapping.

Today, we live in a world where practically every machine connects to the internet, so this isn’t easy. But for ultra-sensitive files and tasks, the inconvenience of working entirely offline can be worth it.

Your air-gapped machine functions as basically a viewing station…

It’s a way to work with sensitive files while ensuring they’re not open to being hacked or infected by your network. The only way to compromise an air-gapped computer is by gaining physical access to it and plugging in an infected USB drive.

Faraday Cage. Security experts have warned for years that sophisticated malware can use or track your phone even when you think it’s powered down.

By simply spoofing its “off” state, hackers can continue to leave certain functions running for audio surveillance. Pulling out a phone’s battery can stop that eavesdropping…

But, for the iPhone and other mobile devices without easily removable batteries, the best option is using faraday cages or bags.

Basically, these are essentially metal shields that block all radio frequencies. You place your phone into one of the metal-lined bags and it goes dark.

No information can go in or out. If you want, you can find faraday bags on Amazon for relatively cheap.

Use a blanket. This may sound goofy, but hackers can steal passwords by simply watching over your shoulder from a distance as you type.

One of the easiest ways to secure your electronics from targeted surveillance is to cover what you type. By covering your hands as you type, you can enter your sensitive passwords or information without fear.

In fact, if you’re protecting a password sensitive enough that bad guys would be willing to plant a camera to capture it, a blanket could be the only thing keeping your secrets secure.

While you may not be able to use these security measures every time you work on your computer…

They are extreme security measures you should consider when working in unsecured locations.

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