Surviving a Bear Attack

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

What to consider before setting up a bunker…

The best survival skills we can learn from insurgents…

The actual effects of a prolonged power grid failure…

The Hazmat rule of thumb for surviving a disaster…

And what you need to know about surviving a bear encounter.

Let’s dive in!

3 Things to Consider Before Setting Up Your Bunker

If you have considered building a bunker, then you know there is more to think about then just the structure of it such as using a shipping container. There are plenty of valuable items you need to know about before you start. Read more here.

Survival Skills: Learning from Insurgent Tactics

Some of the best and most applicable skills to acquire can be found by looking no further than insurgent tactics. See what simple things you should work on to become more prepared overall. Read more here.

Effects of a Prolonged Power Grid Failure

Power grid failure can disturb your life but the longer the power is out, the larger amounts of problems that come with it can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know about what to expect if a prolonged power grid failure occurs. Read more here.

Distance from Disaster: The Hazmat Rule of Thumb

While the threat and fear of some kind of chemical, radiological or biological disaster is overwhelming and unwanted, knowing what to watch for, how to survive and realistic measures and distances you need to keep could save your life. Read more here.

Will Bear Spray Save You?

Whether you have seen the movie The Revenant or not, one thing is for sure, surviving a run in with a bear is not on the top of most peoples list. Check out what might actually help and what is a waste of time should you have an encounter. Read more here.

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