Hackers Have Penetrated Our Power Grid

As if we don’t have enough natural threats to worry about between the wildfires and hurricanes wreaking havoc across the United States, let’s add a colossal man-made hazard to the list. One that could spell out disaster on an unfathomable scale.

Take a look at the first of this week’s must-read articles and you’ll see what I mean.

1. Hackers Gain Direct Access to U.S. Power Grid Controls

According to Wired, “Security firm Symantec is warning that a series of recent hacker attacks not only compromised energy companies in the U.S. and Europe but also resulted in the intruders gaining hands-on access to power grid operations — enough control that they could have induced blackouts on American soil at will.” (Emphasis mine.)

That’s right. Hackers have penetrated our infrastructure so deeply they could turn off our power as easily as turning off a switch — a massive switch with the ability to destroy the very fabric of our society.

Prepare now, folks. The possibility of a nationwide blackout is looming larger than ever.

2. Bug-out Travel Security

Your bug-out bag is packed and ready, your car has a full tank of gas and you have several escape routes planned. But have you thought about how you will protect yourself and your family once you hit the road? After all, the danger isn’t in the destination, but the potential perils of the journey.

This piece from Survival Cache runs down several tips to help you survive the trip if you have to evacuate your home ahead of a disaster — including what being ready to roll actually means, how to equip your bug-out vehicle and en route security concerns.

If you hope to never find yourself trapped on an endless highway with the needle hovering on E and nowhere to turn for help, click on the article above and give it a read.

3. The Ugly Part of Water Purification: Top Five Mistakes You Make

When it comes to survival, there is a critical distinction between water filtering and water purification. Do you know what it is?

If you don’t, don’t worry. Our friends over at Survivopedia have penned a great article explaining the difference, in addition to outlining four common mistakes to avoid.

Check out the article above to find out how to make sure water gets hot enough when you boil it, use chemical purification methods correctly and avoid cross-contamination.

4. Can You Stop Someone From Looting Your Home?

Desperate people do desperate things. I don’t want to imagine what I would do if I couldn’t provide for my family, which is why I am so meticulous when it comes to my emergency preparations. Just ask my wife: It’s one of the few areas of my life I keep highly organized.

Unfortunately, not everyone puts as much care into their disaster prep. That being said, take a look at this post from Living Life in Rural Iowa, the title of which poses an interesting question: Can you stop someone from looting your home?

The short answer? Sometimes. Read the article to find out how.

5. Protect Yourself From Looters With the Ultimate Self-Defense Flashlight

This 16-inch bad boy can light up the darkest alley with its 500 lumens of LED power AND it’s so dangerous it can actually break bones. Plus, the end of the flashlight has a jagged bezel that can further injure an attacker when you start swinging.

In Florida, two-thirds of the entire state is currently without power and there are already reports of looting in some areas. Ideally, you should have a gun in this situation, but if you don’t, something is always better than nothing.

And this device is really “something.” It’s a retractable billy club that doubles as a flashlight, which makes it an incredibly useful self-defense weapon. Buy one for yourself — and then get extras for friends and family. Click on the link above to claim yours now.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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