Criminal Mindset

In this week’s Must-Read articles will introduce communication plans, the strength of digital forensics, why it’s important to think like a criminal, the newest tactical handgun, and some additional tips on how to protect your home.

Let’s dive in…

Do You Have a Family Communications Plan?

When you go out of town, often you may supply one or more of your loved ones with emergency contact information and a simple plan for the ‘just in case’ scenario occurs.

Having a bit more of a communication plan in place can really help put situations at ease in the event of an emergency.

This can be particularly beneficial for you and your family to be on the same page if something were to happen to you, even just temporarily.

Can We Trust Digital Forensic Evidence?

Television shows have taught us that if a criminal has left their cell phone behind or a laptop or any form of a digital footprint, it is just the evidence needed to lock them away for good.

However, in reality, digital forensics, while impressive, may still have a little way to go if it has to stand up to a court of law.

Check out this article that breaks down where these modern-day forensic methods fall in the legal scheme of it all.

Thinking Like a Criminal

One of the best ways people tend to learn and grow is to take a good look at themselves, identify weaknesses, and put effort into strengthening them.

The same goes for self-defense and preservation, and in this instance, that means putting yourself in the mindset of a criminal to see where you may fall short.

While thinking like a criminal may seem somewhat uncomfortable, it may be just the thing that helps you prepare, act and respond to save your life.

Handgun Designed for Military Available to All

There is a new FN 509 Tactical handgun on the market to replace the standard issue Beretta M9 that has been used in times past for the military.

See what this new handgun, which has surpassed U.S. Army requirements, has to offer.

Protecting Your Home

I’m sure you have heard of the many ways you can protect your home, such as security systems and lighting, but there are some more basic steps you can take to make your home a little bit safer.

See what tips are offered in this article that won’t require you to empty the bank account.

Check it out.


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