The Difference Between Life and Death

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A lot of scary stuff has happened in the last week, so let’s dive straight into this week’s batch of must-read articles.

There’s some valuable and lifesaving information below. Be sure to give it a good read.

1. Winter Is Coming: 10 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Winter

The title says it all…

Winter is indeed coming and I’ve heard various reports that this year it’s going to be brutal — in all parts of the U.S. — which is why it’s critical that you get ready for it now.

Check out the handy article above from The Prepping Guide. Not only does it give you several things you can do in and around your home to prepare for colder temperatures, ice and snow, but it also lists 12 essential items you should pick up to create a winter survival kit for your car.

You could honestly knock out all 10 of these tasks in a weekend, so don’t wait until the dead of winter when you wish you had.

2. Only 2% of the Population Has a Way to Filter Clean Water

It’s terrifying to think about, but any number of events could contaminate or disrupt your water supply:

  • Earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, hurricanes and freezing temperatures can break water lines…
  • Power losses can impact well users…
  • Flooding that occurs in many emergencies will often contaminate the local water source with waste from sewage, septic systems, household chemicals, chemical facilities, oil refineries and other sources…
  • And if you’re forced to evacuate your home, you will need to carry water with you.

To be even minimally self-sufficient, you have to have enough water on hand for your family to outlast a crisis — or the means to make contaminated water drinkable. But most people would be completely up a creek without a paddle if they couldn’t get fresh, clean water at the turn of a handle.

Click on the link above to discover the best way to ensure your family never wants for water in an emergency.

3. Vehicular Terror: The Easiest Blueprint to Create Mayhem

Unfortunately, vehicle ramming attacks are becoming more and more common. They require little training to execute and there is the potential for a massive amount of casualties.

This post by Dr. Joe Alton on his site Doom and Bloom goes into more detail on why there’s been such an increase in this type of attack — especially by people who claim allegiance to ISIS.

He also includes some of the warning signs recently released by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security on how to identify an imminent vehicular attack. Be sure to take note.

4. Cover vs. Concealment: What’s the Difference?

With news of another shooting yesterday in Sutherland Springs, Texas, I dug up this 2015 article from Concealed Nation that does a great job of explaining the difference between cover and concealment — and gives several examples of each. While it specifically addresses this issue as it relates to concealed carriers, this is advice that could save anyone’s life when bullets start flying.

Exactly like I recommend keeping an eye out for multiple exits whenever you’re out in public, you should also make it a habit to look for cover — just in case you ever need to use it.

5. Caught in the Crowd: What Makes the Difference Between Life and Death?

In recent articles, both Cade Courtley and I have talked about ways to stay safe in large gatherings and the vital importance of situational awareness. Well, here’s another take on the issue of crowd safety from the folks over at Survivopedia.

I like their articles. They’re measured and thorough. This piece in particular talks about the different reasons large groups of people are so dangerous and the difference between predator-type people and prey. Then it gives six ways to awaken and train your alpha senses.

Take a look, and remember — no matter what’s going on around you, ALWAYS keep your head up and on a swivel.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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