Escaping a Locked Room

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will see…

Some of the most common dangers that occur after a disaster and how you can avoid them as well as how you can access a locked room in a desperate situation.

You will also learn how to find your way back to camp if you’ve become lost, get a look at some of today’s most concealed safes for your home and lastly, how to keep yourself safe if you encounter a bear in nature.

Let’s dive in…

11 Ways People Die During Disasters (And How To Avoid Them)

In the aftermath of a major disaster, danger comes in many forms. In fact, the many threats that one must contend with after a disaster can be even more deadly than the disaster itself. Read More Here.

How to Break Through a Locked Door in an Emergency

In a disaster scenario involving the need to escape danger or quickly gain access to a locked room, contacting a locksmith is not going to be an option. In some situations, it may be necessary to compel opportunity to present itself. Read More Here.

Backtracking – Finding Your Way Back To Camp

Finally standing over that ridge taking the photos you’ve been after for the last couple of hours, you’re filled with a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, it’s soon replaced by overwhelming panic, when you can’t remember which way back to camp. Read More Here.

8 Secret Gun Safes You Can Hide Around The House

Keeping your firearms and other valuables secured in a safe is very important. But most gun safes are hardly concealable, and any determined group of burglars who break into your home when you’re not there can just haul away the entire safe and everything in it.  Now you can keep your firearms in a safe that is completely concealed from burglars and looters. Read More Here.

Surviving a Bear Attack

The overwhelming majority of bear encounters end with the bear scooting off to get away from the human, but this is not a certainty, and sometimes encounters turn violent. Read More Here.


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