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In this week’s Must-Read articles you will learn how to make your home impenetrable during a power outage, what survival skills to teach your children, 5 principles for better navigation, the peaks and pitfalls of situational awareness and learn what small things may be causing big problems.

Let’s dive in…

Make Your Home Impenetrable Even During Power Outages
How safe is your home from an intruder? Okay, so you have installed a top of the line security system, and have a ferociously protective dog among other things.

But let’s say the dog is away for some reason and your electricity goes out. Then how safe are you?

Check out ways you can make your home impenetrable if that happened and don’t let a power outage keep you and your loved ones from staying safe.

5 Core Principles for Better Wilderness Navigation
The simplest turn down a path, or an unexpected detour has the ability to make even the most navigational-savvy lose their way.

I don’t know about you, but I have found myself in a situation where I ‘knew’ where I was and where I was going, until I realized I didn’t.

That is why learning some key principles can help you navigate through challenging terrain.

Teaching Survival Skills to Your Children
Children, as we all know, rely on the adults around them when things get tough.

Because of this however, one of the most overlooked things we can teach our young are survival skills.

Check out this article that breaks down some great tips as well as important steps to consider when providing your child(ren) with this new mind and skill set.

Small Things Can Be Your Biggest Problems
Taking care of yourself and your property require time, responsibility and effort.

For those of you that like to plan ahead, be prepared and take on tasks, you will often learn that it isn’t what you planned for, but what you didn’t that causes the most problems.

See what one Survival Blog Contributor had to say about the issues encountered effecting the home front.

Situational Awareness
Situational awareness is a topic that cannot be brought up enough. It is a vital tool for any and every person to develop as a key skill.

The best way to handle any situation is to be aware of what is going on around you.

This article discusses why so many fail with regards to situational awareness and what/how that can be improved.

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