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Plan to Get Out Alive

I’m finally home after several days of traveling and training — from Utah to New York to Las Vegas to Baltimore and back to Utah. No matter where I go, here’s the one strategy I always use to guard against a potential attack.


Evacuate From Your Home in Less Than 10 Minutes

Historic flooding is displacing thousands of people in parts of the U.S., forcing them to hastily flee their homes. Weather events are unpredictable – as is civil unrest – so in any event, you’ll want a plan in place to evacuate from your home in ten minutes or less. Because in an emergency situation, every minute counts.


My Single Most Important Life-Saving Tip

We live in a world where a terrorist attack or a mass shooting could happen anytime, anywhere. Making preparations to ensure the safety and survivability of you and your family is essential. I’ll tell you where to start, and I’ll share my most important safety tip – one that could very well save your life.