6 Things to Check When Buying a Used Gun

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Food expiration dates and the truth you need to know…

Six things to check when buying a used firearm…

3D printed tires and shoes that self-repair…

Why to keep track of your screen time…

The decision of choosing between multiple handguns or one that does everything.

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Food Expiration Dates – Rule Or Guideline?

Have you ever poured out some milk or thrown away some canned soup, not because it looked or smelled bad, but because it was past the expiration date? Chances are, you threw away some perfectly good food and you certainly don’t want to do that in a survival situation. Read More Here.

Used firearms: Six things to check for when buying

There’s no doubt that you can save a few dollars buying used firearms instead of new ones. But, there’s also no question that you can end up with a real lemon of a gun. Find out what you need to check before buying used. Read More Here.

3D Printed Tires and Shoes That Self-repair

Instead of throwing away your broken boots or cracked toys, why not let them fix themselves? Researchers at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering have developed 3D-printed rubber materials that can do just that. Read More Here.

Addicted to your smartphone? How to keep track of your screen time

How much time are you spending glued to your phone each day? Google and Apple both have tools to help you manage your screen time on their devices. You can use these features to see how much time you’re really spending on your mobile device. This way, you can spend your time on something better like being more prepared or going shooting. Read More Here.

Multiple Handguns for Carry or One Handgun to Do Everything?

When people choose a pistol to serve in a defensive role, they often fall into one of two distinct camps. The first will have one pistol to carry for all occasions and situations. The other will have a multitude of pistols to accommodate any possible situation they may find themselves in. Read More Here.

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