Give the Gift of Self-Defense

In this week’s mailbag, I’ll reveal my No. 1 self-defense weapon that’s perfect for the whole family. One of my readers even gave one to his daughter. You’ll also discover how to get that meddlesome browser Chrome off all your devices, the easiest way to avoid being a victim of identity theft and more.


Flooded With Ammunition

Many people in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have lost most if not all of their personal belongings. Considering the number of gun owners who experienced flooding in these areas, it leads to the following question: Can ammunition that has been submerged in water still be used?


Shoot Like a Girl

There are few things in life as important as protecting yourself and the ones you love. And my ultimate goal is to provide you with the confidence, skills and knowledge to better protect yourself and your family. So check out this week’s batch of reader questions.​