3 Inexpensive Motion Detectors for Your Home

Police in Illinois recently caught a burglar “in the act” at a construction site after motion sensors alerted the contractors to suspicious activity.

As the suspect forced entry into the construction site, using a crowbar to break a bracket, motion sensors begin picking up his movement.

Phoenix Corporation, who was the contractor for the construction work, had their equipment and tools set up and laying around the work area.

According to Phoenix Corp., when the motion sensors detect movement, multiple people in the company get alerts on their phones allowing them to look at cameras to see and hear what’s going on.

During this incident, employees could hear the suspect breaking things with the crowbar, so they immediately called the police.

Within three minutes, police arrived at the construction site, where employees directed them to find the suspect who was making his way around the work site.

Thanks to security cameras, police quickly found and arrested the thief.

According to Police, 52-year-old Timothy Carter was arrested that night, charged with burglary and held in the county jail on $50,000 bond.

This incident was the third time the construction site had been targeted in just over two months.

A representative for Phoenix Corp. said, “Every single contractor down there has been hit at least once. Most of the contractors working on the project have installed motion-sensors to avoid losing their equipment.”

Phoenix Corporation, along with their partners on the construction project, were frustrated with the amount of crime at their work site, so they installed added layers of security including motion detectors and cameras.

Taking this into consideration, installing motion detectors is definitely something I would recommend for your home and I personally use them for home protection.

This is why I want to share with you the top motion detectors for inside your home.

Fosmon motion sensor. The best thing about the Fosmon motion sensor is that it can be used as a standalone unit, meaning you don’t have to purchase an Amazon Alexa or some sort of Smart Hub.

Basically, this sensor comes with a transmitter and sensor so when the sensor detects motion, it will cause the transmitter to emit a sound such as a chime alerting you to the motion.

This is a no-frills detector and doesn’t include any Smartphone alerts.

It’s very basic, with wireless install and features 52 ringtones for whenever motion is detected.

The motion sensor has a 110-degree field of vision and a detection range up to 16 feet.

Kangaroo motion sensor. When it comes to inexpensive motion sensors, the Kangaroo unit is one of the few that will alert you on your Smartphone, which can be a huge convenience.

With a basic design, the Kangaroo motion sensor is easy to install and controllable through the mobile app.

You’ll receive alerts whenever motion is detected and you can avoid false alarms with its pet friendly design features.

In addition, the Kangaroo sensor can detect movement up to 15 feet away.

You can choose to monitor your own home with a free basic plan or go with a complete plan, which includes the option to have professional monitoring.

Geeni smart motion sensor. This motion sensor connects to your Wi-Fi and doesn’t require a hub or another device to work.

Its instant alerts send a notification to your smartphone when movement is detected and you can also integrate the unit to work with Geeni lights that can turn on when motion is detected.

The motion sensor can be installed with an adhesive or with screws so it can be moved if used in an apartment or temporary location.

The Geeni sensor has a 110-degree field of vision and can detect motion up to 25 feet away.

These days, having a professional home security system with lights, sensors, alarms, and cameras can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Last week, a relative of mine in Las Vegas received a quote to install basic security cameras and it was going to cost $4,000.

If you have the money, certainly do it.

But, for a very inexpensive price, you can install motion detectors inside your home that you can monitor yourself.

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