3 “Castle Doctrine” Myths You WON’T See Coming

If you hear someone moving around in your house, you’re not thinking 3 months in the future, are you?

In fact, you’re probably not even “thinking” at all – you’re operating on pure instinct.

“I’m in danger. My family’s in danger. I have to fight back!”

Which means that you’re going to do whatever you need to do to get this threat eliminated without risking your life or your family’s safety.

You’re not going to think any further ahead than this critical 5 seconds that could mean life or death. The problem is . . . after those critical seconds tick by, what you did with them could STILL destroy everything you hold dear, which is why you need to realize…

The 3 Castle-Doctrine Myths That Could CRIPPLE You And Your Family After A Self-Defense Shooting.

Myth #1: The Castle Doctrine and “Stand Your Ground” Are Bulletproof  

The castle doctrine states that a man’s home is his castle, and he is entitled to defend it with any force he deems necessary. The Stand Your Ground law is similar, but extends outside of the home – if you feel your life is threatened, you are entitled to defend it by any means necessary.

Except you aren’t.

Both the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground can be countered by any number of legal hoo-ha, and if you don’t have a good lawyer, you can get completely screwed over if the police manage to “prove” to a judge that you weren’t really in danger or that you shouldn’t have had the gun in the first place.

 Bottom line? These laws aren’t foolproof, and you still need to find out what the legal precedents are in your state.

Myth #2: Self Defense Insurance Will Cover Your Legal Fees 

VERY few insurance companies will even offer insurance for using your firearm in self-defense, even if it is completely justifiable. (Even if the judge FINDS it completely justifiable – they still may not cover it.)

Self defense insurance may not pay anything at all until after the trial, which means you’re stuck paying all your legal fees up front.

And if you lose?

The insurance won’t pay then either, so you could be completely bankrupt simply for defending yourself in your own home and in court.

Self defense insurance may also have a ridiculously low payout, far too low to pay the actual fees incurred by a trial.

Some payouts are so small they won’t even cover the cost of retaining legal representation – much less the cost of having that lawyer’s services through the trial.

These policies usually won’t cover bail or lost wages, either, which means that even if you manage to get your legal fees covered, you’re still significantly in the hole. Which means that . . .

Myth #3: You’ve Protected Your Home and Family

Here’s the nasty truth: Defending your home could cost you that home. Defending your family could cost you your family. Horrible, but true.

The legal fees are substantial, and as we’ve said, self-defense insurance isn’t a reliable way to get those fees paid.

You’re a regular guy/gal and you have a regular guy’s/gal’s savings account – probably enough to cover the cost if the truck breaks down or you need to handle an emergency – but not the amount of a lawsuit.

You can lose your house to pay those bills. You can lose all the assets you have. You can lose your retirement account and IRA, and incur further penalties for dipping into those accounts.

And you know the #1 thing that breaks up families? Money trouble.

Every time.

Divorce rates for people in situations like this are staggering. Your relationship with your children can suffer. It will undoubtedly be one of the worst things that has ever happened in your life.


…you learn about those little-known “legal traps” most gun-owners fail to pay attention to.

There aren’t a lot… but any one of these pitfalls could mean the difference between you and your family legitimately recovering from the nightmare you just saved them from in your home…

… or losing everything and living out the rest of your days in a prison cell.

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