There’s Something (Deadly) in the Air

The situation in Hawaii is heating up… In addition to fresh fissures and accelerating lava flows, Hawaiians have a new threat to worry about.

Read on below to discover what this new danger is and what it means for you — even if you live thousands of miles away. You’ll also learn how to save time and money with a handy gadget that fits in your wallet, why bailing out a Chinese phone company is bad for your privacy and more.

Let’s get started.

1. Hawaiians Warned of Toxic Fumes Threat

As if residents of Hawaii’s Big Island don’t have enough to worry about, officials are now warning residents about the dangers of toxic fumes caused by lava coming into contact with seawater. The noxious smog “contain[s] hydrochloric acid and glass particles which can cause irritation and breathing difficulties.”

Even if you don’t live near an active volcano, I strongly advise including gas masks as part of your survival gear. A good gas mask will protect your eyes and lungs from smoke, chemical attacks, nuclear fallout and airborne diseases.

I recommend the Israeli gas mask. Many Israeli civilians of all ages have these because of threats from unstable neighboring countries. These high-quality masks made of professional-grade materials sell for about $35 on Amazon. Remember to purchase some extra filters as well.

2. Save Time and Money With This Wallet-Sized Lock Pick Set

Lock picking is a handy skill that everyone should have in their back pocket — and now you can (literally). The link above features a compact lock pick set that measures only 1/8” thick and contains all the tools you’ll need to pick a lock in under 30 seconds. You’ll never have to waste time waiting on a locksmith again.

Picking locks is one of the most valuable skills I gained in my time with the CIA. But it doesn’t take high-level government training to learn. In fact, with just a little bit of practice, ANYONE can learn how to do it.

Let me prove it to you. Click on the link above to claim one of these wallet-sized lock pick sets along with a clear training padlock. Remember to upgrade your order to get the Maximum Home Security Package, which comes with a special report that will teach you everything you need to know to master this time- and money-saving skill.

3. FBI Head Warns Against Trump Deal With ZTE

Regardless of how you feel about the political and economic implications of this deal, you should be concerned about what it means for our national security — and your privacy.

Recently, top intelligence officials voiced their concerns regarding two Chinese electronic manufacturing companies that may be using their products to spy on American citizens. The companies in question are Huawei and (you guessed it) ZTE.

The bottom line is most of China’s technology is tied to their government. Everything manufactured in China is monitored because the Chinese government wants to make sure they get their piece of the pie.

Obviously, I do not recommend buying a Chinese-made cellphone. That being said, the best way to avoid spilling sensitive information on the airwaves is to act like someone is always listening.

4. How to Execute a Fireman’s Carry by Yourself [VIDEO]

In this seven-minute video, former Army Ranger and USAF pararescueman Wil Willis demonstrates a simple technique to lift an injured or unconscious person into what’s known as a fireman’s carry.

Before you can adequately treat someone, you have to make sure they are in a safe place. Sometimes that means you have to remove them from danger — and quickly. However, that can be difficult if you’re by yourself. Dead weight is NOT easy to move.

Using this method, you can lift someone who weighs as much as you — or more — with or without gear. But just like any survival skill, it takes practice to master. So check out this video and give it a try. This is one move that could one day help you save a life.

5. Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids During Summer Break

The problem plaguing every parent this time of year is how to keep kids constructively occupied until school starts again. Thankfully, this post from BeSurvival offers 12 productive suggestions to ensure your kids (or grandkids) stay busy while learning useful survival skills.

No. 1 is a great idea for the whole family. Going camping gives you the opportunity to practice a variety of survival techniques in a fun, relaxed environment. One of the most important things camping gives you the chance to do is learn your gear. Never wait until the SHTF to use that new headlamp or water filter for the first time.

If you’re looking to stock up on camping equipment for the summer, have I got a deal for you…

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Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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