Urban Survival Water Secrets

By now, you may have created your own stash of supplies to take with you in an emergency. 

One of the most valuable items in your supplies should be an ample supply of water. 

But what about if that runs out? There are plenty of options still out there.

Today, Jeff will share some secrets of his own to help you when or if your water runs out. 

A bug-out bag was supposed to get you through this emergency. 

It had everything you needed… you tested, sorted, packed, and repacked it. 

It was everything it had to be for when the balloon goes up, for when it all hits the fan. 

But what happens when your supplies run out? 

Maybe you packed enough food and water for 72 hours only to find the crisis stretching into a week… or a month… or longer. 

So now what do you do? 

Look, no one can stockpile for a limitless emergency. 

Fortunately, the bug-out survival gear recommended to you is designed to be used over and over. 

See the checklist.  

Even food is relatively easy to come by if you know where to look. Your most immediate problem, though, is water. 

Water you need right away, and comparatively speaking, you need a lot of it to survive. 

What most people don’t realize though is that there are many places you can find drinkable water if you’re near an urban area. 

For example, drinkable water can be found… 

… in swimming pools (even the gross, green water can be made clean) … from outdoor water faucets 

… in hot water heaters 

… in the backs of toilet tanks 

… and even in sink traps!

Most people won’t think to look in these spots, and that makes them good places for you to find water while everyone else is dehydrated and begging for FEMA to issue them another water bottle. 

But even when you DO find it, that water will still likely make you sick unless you know how to make it drinkable. 

That’s why one of the special items that is listed in the survival kit blueprint is a ceramic water filter. 

See it here.

The version they show you isn’t the same as most water filters – it’s specially designed for urban survival and bugging out. 

You would keep this in a special compartment of your bug-out bag so that when you find water – no matter how dirty and grungy it is – you can still make it clean and drinkable. 

Make sure you have this type of an item packed up and ready to go.  

P.S. – One more thing… 

Because most people won’t think to look in these “secret areas” for water – and you don’t want to tip them off if you can help it. 

When foraging for water, always make sure you stay as covert as possible to hide your sources as well as the filter you’re using to make it clean.

Same goes for ALL of your bug-out survival gear! 

Like these!

These are items that will be in big demand during a disaster and only YOU will have them – which can make you a target for the less-prepared.     

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