Perimeter Protection

In this week’s Must-Read articles…

Learn how to spot a bad guy…

See how the government shutdown unveiled weaknesses for a recession…

Check out some great tips to protect your perimeter…

Read on the many benefits and uses of fleece…

And see which shotguns stood out at this years SHOT Show.

Let’s dive in…


How to Spot a Bad Guy-A Comprehensive Look at Body Language and Pre-Assault Indicators.

Pre-assault indicators are universal.  It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or abroad.  Be alert when you start seeing any predatory movement patterns or deliberate approaches in a crowd. Read More Here.

Government Shutdown is Proving Americans Are NOT Prepared for a Recession

Within just a few weeks into the government shutdown, people are struggling to cope. We hear stories about people turning to food banks to feed their families.

We hear stories about people who are in dire straits because they can’t get loans. We hear stories about people who can’t pay their mortgages. That’s not even one month into the shutdown. Read More Here.

Perimeter Assurance Smart Tips

You may feel pretty protected right now, but even now it is a good idea to have some sort of perimeter protection in order.

For the harder you make it for an attacker to charge you and invade your home or apartment, the better chance you have to get police on the line, to escape or to take up guns and produce a defensive counter-attack. Read More Here.

The Many Uses of Fleece Blankets During Good Times and Bad

Fleece blankets are an easy prep to build into your budget. Since they are so versatile, it is a good idea to have some put back in your preps for hard times. To see all the benefits and many uses of fleece, Read More Here.

Remington, Mossberg Unveil Standout Shotguns at SHOT 2019

There are so many home-defense shotguns on display at SHOT Show that it’s hard to find memorable models. But this year, Remington and Mossberg unveiled scatterguns worth mentioning. Read More Here.


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