Three Ways to Never Grip Your Gun

In this week’s Must-Read articles you will learn about…

What you can use to your advantage in a bad situation…

How to store emergency water…

How to become a better shooter…

3 critical factors about footwear…

And home defense and theft protection.

Let’s dive in…

 What Can I Use To My Advantage In A Bad Situation?

Here is a question most people never think about. If I find myself in a bad situation such as a robbery, carjacking, potential fight, need to protect myself or another person. What can I do to increase the likelihood that I will come out the winner? Read More Here.

 Long Term Water Storage: How to Store Emergency Water

Anyone who is preparing for a long-term survival situation needs to have a good emergency water storage solution. This solution should not only allow you to store large amounts of water but it should also allow you to capture and filter water from multiple sources. Read More Here.

 How to Become a Better Shooter

A firearm is only as effective as its owner. To wield it under pressure, you have to practice to perfect your form. Otherwise, you’ll find it challenging to hit your target with any degree of accuracy, which can prove dangerous in a life-or-death situation where you have to incapacitate an aggressor. Read More Here.

 3 Critical Factors About Footwear

There are 3 critical factors about footwear to remember. The footwear that you choose will help you or hurt you in any situation. Footwear is one of the standard pieces of gear that transcend wilderness or urban survival scenarios. Read More Here.

 Home Defense and Theft Protection

There are a lot of ways to approach home defense and to avoid theft and worse. This post is going to cover a variety of situations, including major defense. Here are a few questions to get started planning what you can do to best defend your home and family. Read More Here

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