How to Ruin Your Gun in 8 Easy Steps

In this week’s Must-Read articles we cover…

Choosing the right scope for you..

How to stay warm when you’ve lost excessive body heat…

The army’s next generation weapon of choice…

How to ruin your gun in 8 easy steps…

And the top 5 multi-caliber guns and who they are for.

Let’s dive in…

Rifle Scopes: Why to Use One and What to Look For

This article introduces the must know basics of rifle scopes and will immediately help you know what you need to look for and which will be best for you. Read more here.

Excessive Body Heat Loss and How to Stay Warm
In the event you are stuck in the cold with no immediate way out of it, find out just how extreme body heat loss can happen and the many ways you can avoid it or overcome it in a survival situation. Read more here.
One of These Rifle’s Will Become the Army’s Next Generation Weapon of Choice
There are plenty of great rifles out there, but some are more impressive than others. Take a look at the rifle’s that the army are considering for their go to weapon of choice. Read more here.
How to Ruin Your Gun in 8 Easy Steps
There are plenty of articles and videos out there teaching proper care for your gun, but it’s just as important to know what not to do. Check out what you want to avoid moving forward. Read more here.
Top 5 Multi-Caliber Guns and Who They Are For
Take a look at these top multi-caliber guns, their advantages and just what and who should consider owning them. Read more here.

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