The Truth About the Coronavirus

My expertise and experience provide me a perspective that may escape the observations of medical professionals, virologists, government administrators, basement-based self-proclaimed polymaths, and entertainers posing as journalists.

This is what I see when I examine the CoVid-19 global infectious plague.

I have come to know that coincidences are extremely rare.  And that when significant events occur immediately pursuant to a “fluke of coincidences”, that something is not as someone wants to make it appear.

As an experienced intelligence officer, I question motive before I accept “evidence”.  My profession is active deception through selective manipulative and misdirection.

When I want to convince someone of a lie for my benefit, I use psychological tools, magician-like skills of illusion, misdirection and substitution, and the power of persuasion.

I cause them to see a pattern that is right before their eyes to be perceived in an altered state.

I infuse my falsifications into descriptions, I refer to non-existent ‘facts’ as though there were universally accepted truths, and I employ reliance and veracity based on untrue references to someone or some belief that they hold as a high authority.

I offer them plausible interpretations that I know they would prefer to believe over the frightening reality of the matter.

I not only support their normalcy bias; I actively create their cognitive dissonance by soothing their minds with more acceptable and tolerable interpretations of the actuality that they do not want to recognize.

I interject common facts that have no real bearing on the issue but seem to add validity to the version of the truth that I want them to believe.

I conceal significant facts and hyperbolize substituted alternatives as though they are the only real truth.  It is an extremely advanced form of long-term deception; a con game.

But the con games I run are not for money or jewels.  And the con game that the world is being played in right now is a sudden death playoff.

Wuhan City in Hubei Province has a level 4 biohazard research facility publicly known to be researching corona viruses.

Chinese authorities were so fast to offer the story that the disease originated in the nearby animal market that experienced observers could see the “it wasn’t me, it was HIM” defense even before any allegations were levied.

We see guilty criminals use this frequently. They know that the crime is evident and that they are at the center of the crime and their first response is to blame a third party even before they are accused.

China has an active biological warfare program designed to decimate populations while leaving critical infrastructure unaffected. That program research is active at the Chinese National Lab in Wuhan.

We don’t yet know whether the deadly, highly infectious virus escaped, was tested, or was absconded for nefarious sale to a foreign power or ultra-wealthy individual.

What matters to me is understanding how I can best protect myself and my family and that means that I have to cull through all of the deception and misdirection to find the truth and decide what sources of information are genuine.

I have to be able to discern truth from lies.  And that means I have to find reliable sources of true raw information and not be deceived by the easily obtainable alternative versions of the truth.

What I am observing in the pattern of information releases, obfuscation of origin, misrepresentation of numbers, and successful misdirection of crafted narratives, compared to the observable facts, proves to me that there is an active effort to conceal, mislead, and perpetrate a lethal con on everyone who is not in the inner circles.

In other words, anyone who is not a player in the long-con.

For your own sake, compare the reported infection rate (R(0)) in China to the measurable infection rate on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship.

And consider the global economic impact of 60% of the work force not showing up to work for a month or two.

Use your own life’s experiences, personal powers of discernment, and gut instincts to decide for yourself.

But whatever you determine to be the truth about this horrendous event, make sure that you consider the worst-case scenario and don’t allow the media to blind you.

Your life and the lives of your loved ones depend on your judgements, decisions, and actions in the coming weeks and months.


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