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Last week, I gave you an in-depth look at some of the best multitools on the market. But if you’re still looking for a unique gift for the amateur agent in your life, here are six more spy-themed tools that might fit the bill.

1) Spy Bolt — Former KGB spies used a similar tool for dead drops. The bolt is 3.5 inches long and waterproof when sealed. You can roll up cash and hide it in the bolt as an emergency fund. Or — if you need to share information discreetly — you can hide a small SD card inside the bolt and leave it in a secret location for another “agent” to retrieve. The Spy Bolt sells for $20 on Amazon.

Spy Bolt

2) Envelope X-Ray Spray — While I would never encourage you to break the law, Envelope X-Ray Spray is pretty nifty tool. You simply spray the envelope and for the next 30 seconds it’s completely translucent, allowing you to see the contents. After 30 seconds, the envelope returns to opaque normalcy with no discoloration or evidence of tampering. The X-Ray Spray sells for $12 on Amazon.

Envelope X-Ray Spray

3) USB Keylogger — What if you have an employee who you think is sharing information with a competitor? Well, a keylogger can track what they type into their keyboard. It connects via USB and can record chats, screenshots and any other information typed on the computer. A USB key logger sells for around $50 on Amazon.

USB Keylogger

4) Spy Lighter — This device looks like an ordinary lighter, but don’t be fooled. It contains a hidden 1080P camera with an 8G memory card. The Spy Lighter also records audio, and it’s compatible with a PC or a Mac. It’s perfect for monitoring your office when you’re not there. It sells for around $40 on Amazon.

Spy Lighter

5) Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker — This GPS tracker is great for tracking cars or people. It’s 5.5 inches long, 2.2 inches wide and only weighs about 5 ounces. The GPS tracker uses Google Maps and has a $25 monthly monitoring fee. This tracker also allows you to set up a geo-fence that will notify you if the GPS tracker leaves a designated area. The Spy Tec STI GL300 sells for $70 on Amazon.

GPS Tracker

6) Disappearing Ink Pen — The disappearing ink pen writes like a regular pen, but your notes will disappear within an hour. So if you want to share a secret message or jot down confidential information, this is the ideal implement to ensure your private memos vanish. These pens sell for around $10 on Amazon.

Disappearing Ink Pen

I hope these suggestions help you knock out some more of your holiday shopping and bring a big smile to someone’s face on Christmas morning.

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Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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