The Art of Concealed Carry and Situational Awareness

In this week’s Must-Read articles…

You’ll learn about a pacemaker that may help treat neurological disorders…

The art of concealed carry and situational awareness…

The best survival gloves you should get…

Why you shouldn’t rake your leaves…

And how to survive a car crash.

Let’s dive in…

Wireless Pacemaker for the Brain

Read up on how engineers at Berkeley have developed a neurostimulator that could offer treatment for neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s…Read More Here

The Art of Concealed Carry and Situational Awareness

This article and the personal training with it are meant to raise your alertness and give you the ability to avoid potential danger or provide the precious milliseconds of reaction time that make the difference if you are in danger…Read More Here

The Best Survival Gloves You Should Get

Like all pieces of personal protective equipment, or PPE, gloves are an item you don’t need until you do, then it is too late. Before you set off trying to parse out which is best for you, consider the likely scenarios in which you will need them…Read More Here

Why You Should Never Rake Up Your Leaves

As it turns out, raking your leaves can lead to a more attractive yard but may not be the best idea. Why? Keeping leaves in your yard not only helps the creatures around the tree, but also boosts the health of your lawn, too. Read More Here

Surviving Car Crashes

In the interest of equipping the readership with all the info they need to know in one place, today’s post will be a comprehensive guide to car crashes: the stats, the mechanics and what you need to know to both avoid and respond to one should you or someone else wind up in one. Read More Here

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