Modern Life Survival Instincts

In this week’s Must-Read articles..

Learn the signs of a tornado…

How to find the best rifle scope for you…

How modern life affects survival instincts…

Which fire starters are the best…

And the hidden dangers of snow on your roof.

Let’s dive in!

Signs of a Tornado

Knowing the signs of a tornado can drastically increase your chances of surviving unharmed and allow you the maximum amount of time to seek proper shelter. Not all locations make ideal shelters, but it is possible to be prepared, and make wise decisions when you recognize that a tornado is on its way. Read More Here.

Finding The Best Rifle Scope

What is the best rifle scope? Nobody really knows because everyone has different uses for a rifle scope. Some people hunt in the outback of Australia while others hunt in subzero, arctic temperatures. This step-by-step scope guide helps take the guess work out of the process. Read More Here.

How Modern Life Affects Survival Instincts

Our world today would seem magical to our ancestors. Our needs are met almost immediately, we have clean water at the turn of a knob, heat at the push of a button, and light with the flip of a switch. But all of this convenience comes at a high price, one we don’t even realize exists until a situation arises in which the ready answers aren’t there. Read More Here.

Best Easy-to-Use Fire Starters

Fire starters are a basic survival tool that everyone should have. Matches and lighters are great and all but matches get wet easily and the waterproof type are not as readily available. Lighters require fuel or in the case of a disposable, have a very limited life. Read More Here.

The Hidden Dangers of Snow on Your Roof

There are many potential dangers associated with winter weather, but there’s one you might not have given much thought to: snow and ice on your home’s roof. Read More Here.

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