National Emergency Alert

In this week’s Must-Read articles see the ultimate guide to buying and using night vision along with how the National Emergency Alerts are potentially vulnerable to hackers.

Learn 5 critical knife skills that could help you in the future as well as earthquake preparedness tips for for both before, during and after one strikes.

And lastly, see which key areas you should focus on when using a tactical pen for self defense.

Let’s dive in…

The Ultimate Guide to Night Vision

If you have considered buying night vision or maybe have some already, this article will provide a breakdown of the different kinds, how to find what will fit your needs best and a complete beginners guide for how to use it. Read more here.

 National Emergency Alerts Potentially Vulnerable to Attack

With new methods of providing the country with emergency alerts with the use of modern technology, it has also already provided a new method for hackers to take advantage of this system. See just how they are doing so and what to watch for in the future. Read more here.

 5 Critical Knife Skills for the Outdoorsman

Knives have many purposes such as for protection or utility. But one of their most valuable uses is in the outdoors. In this article, you will learn 5 critical knife skills that will have the most direct effect in an emergency. Read more here.

 Earthquake Preparedness Tips to Know Now

Following the earthquake that hit southern California on July, 4th, it brings a great reminder to us all the value of preparedness and reaction tools to best help should you be in an area struck by one. Read more here.

 Areas to Hit with a Tactical Pen

By now, you should know what a great defensive tool a tactical pen is. Here is a breakdown of 5 areas to focus on and how to strike when fighting off an attack. Read more here.

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