Keeping Safe in a Public Bathroom

In this week’s mailbag I’ll discuss my take on earplugs as part of your everyday carry along with which sling I recommend to use for the AR-15.

I’ll also go over the precautions I take to allow optimum safety and awareness in a public bathroom.

I’ll explain some benefits of tactical flashlights and how to know which state it is safe to conceal carry in.

Let’s dive in…

In your everyday carry you do not include earplugs. They are small, lightweight and can be extremely handy.

If you are doing your situational awareness properly, there might be a time when you might want to put them in to preserve your hearing if a gunfight appears to be a possibility.

– Adam C

Answer: I try to be as practical as possible and I don’t see myself or even others ever putting in earplugs in a lethal situation.

Things happen so fast in these situations and I believe that earplugs will be the last thing on most people’s mind when they’re getting ready to defend their life. (I have personally been in these situations and I would never take the precious seconds to put in earplugs.)

What sling do you recommend for the AR-15?

– Frank T

Answer: I have two slings I like. The slings made by Magpul and the Wilderness Giles Tactical Sling.

One of my concerns is in the rest room stall or at the urinal with my back to the world. I travel often and I am in an area that has lots of rebels and I also frequent the mall and shops.

And using the rest room always makes me uneasy because my back is to the world or in a stall it’s such a confined space. Any suggestions about defense or offense I could learn would be great.

– Marty P

Answer: I share the same concern as you. I always use the stall if possible. If there is not a stall available I look around and am not shy about letting people know I am checking around me.

I also try to use the urinal at one of the ends so that I’m not in the middle of people. But, I always plan ahead. If someone does try to attack me, I know that I will quickly react by striking them in the throat.

In general, when I go out of state, how do I carry my gun legally with me wherever I go around the country?

– Jacob R

Answer: If you have a concealed carry permit in your home state you need to be familiar with permit reciprocity. Basically, you want to find out what other states recognize your permit and will allow you to carry a concealed firearm.

If you go to your state’s website they will tell you what other states honor the permit. I personally have multiple concealed carry permits to give me as much coverage across the U.S. as possible.

How do you build a shelter from scratch?

– Francis

Answer: It all depends on your environment, but one of the simplest shelters to build is called a lean-to. The way this works is you would take multiple sturdy sticks and lean them against a strong horizontal brace such as a tree or another stick you have running horizontal.

After you have the sticks in place you would cover the leaning sticks with leaves, grass, moss, or anything nearby that could provide shelter from the elements. Another option is to always carry a quality poncho in your bug out bag as they can be used for shelter.

I have been seeing many advertisements for tactical (high-lumen) flashlights, often promoted as an alternative to guns. Are they worth considering in certain situations, even if I already have a supply of guns?

– Kasey G

Answer: I would never say that a flashlight is an alternative to a gun. I definitely want a gun as my primary weapon. But, tactical flashlights are great for obviously helping you see in the dark and they can blind an intruder too.

Plus, if you choose not to carry a gun you could strike an attacker with the flashlight. I personally own several tactical flashlights, but a gun is always my choice of weapon and the flashlight is a good companion to the gun.

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