If Martial Law is Declared…

In this week’s mailbag…

I’ll discuss the strength of the NOC Knife…

Travelling with your tactical pen…

What would happen if martial law is declared…

My perspective on security locks that connect to Wi-Fi.

Let’s dive in…

In regards to the NOC Knife, would you be able to tell us how sharp it is?

-Henry D

Answer: To give you an idea how sharp it is, we use a proprietary system for sharpening the knives to grind the initial edge at 17 degrees on each side.

To put that into perspective, the NOC Knife can slice through a tire and cut through a piece of bone, to name a few things. You can watch a torture test video here of the knife cutting things. 

You can also see some reviews on the site above, about people who didn’t believe me and then tested the knife themselves.

I have carried your tactical pen on many flights with no problems. I feel much more secure having it with me. I have one in each of my vehicles clipped to the sun visor within quick reach. And no, I don’t say anything to anyone. If asked, it is a pen.

– John C

Answer: This is exactly the smart way to do it. You’re perfectly prepared and you don’t draw any unnecessary attention to yourself.

I’m ex-Army (72-75) and have the burning question of if martial law is declared is confiscation of firearms automatic or are there mitigating circumstances?

– Nathan D

Answer: For it to be effective, you must first have a means of declaring it to the general population. Second, you must have a means of enforcing it.

The problem is, in a nationwide disaster, both of these things might not be feasible. The gun confiscation question is if county and local law enforcement personnel will be willing to carry it out initially and if the military will too.

Will they really be willing to fight legally armed citizens if they face resistance? Let’s hope we never find out. Plus, you should always have some “off the books” guns that nobody knows exists. Something like this here.

Jason, I am surprised that you watch the NFL with all the unpatriotic players they have.

– Don S

Answer: It’s funny you should mention that. I don’t watch the NFL during the regular season but I do watch it during the playoffs. Though, I definitely agree with you and think a bunch of the players are absolute knuckleheads.

I, like you, have flown all over the world with my tactical pen, carried the correct way. Having said that, I have to share this story with you…

During a business trip to Reno, NV I had six pens with me, in my carry-on computer bag since I was traveling to meet with new business associates. 

These six pens were not carried the correct way, but rather they were still in the package I received them in… During the examination, the inexperienced TSA agent ‘discovered’ the six tactical pens, and freaked out. 

He immediately took them to his supervisor, who was standing right behind him in the next lane – the supervisor saw the pens, and stated they were ‘tactical pens’ and ‘they are okay’. I was on my way without any further difficulty.

– Gregory T

Answer: I’m glad you were able to keep your tactical pens and that some lucky TSA agent didn’t go home with 6 pens in their pocket. As you experienced, it all depends on the TSA agent you get.

Some will have no problem at all, others will make you throw them away or go back and check them. Go here if you want a tactical pen.

Do you suggest that the Schlage Touch Century Deadbolt 622 is to be avoided at this time?

– Melanie K

Answer: When it comes to door locks, Schlage is one of the most secure brands you can purchase. In fact, I’ve personally installed them on some of my doors and I’ve been pleased with their security.

Now, I don’t use any door locks with a touch screen or keypad access because I’m somewhat leery of the electronic security aspects. I prefer a standard lock with a key and nothing fancy such as a keypad or Wi-Fi connection.

With that being said, if you do want a quality lock that does have a keypad the Schlage is a good choice. This specific lock doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi and that’s a good thing.

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