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In this week’s mailbag…

I’ll give you my combination lock suggestions…

An insight into how far some have traveled with their tactical pens…

When and how you can get a suppressor for your gun…

How to secure an apartment…

What to know about hotel safes…

And learn how to build an AR.

Let’s dive in…

Are there any combination locks that you recommend?

– Bob R

Answer: Unfortunately, many combination locks are susceptible to being picked using something as simple as a hair barrette. With that being said, if you want one of the more secure locks I would suggest Abloy combination locks.

They’re more expensive but you get what you pay for. (I always laugh when I see those Master Lock’s at Home Depot that are like 5 for $20. Not good quality.)

 I was reading your latest newsletter, and wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I recently spent the month of December 2018 overseas in Iceland, UK, France, Belgium, Great Britain and knowing that I had my tactical pen on hand during my travels going through Border Patrol after Border Patrol location, and Customs after Customs with my tactical pen on me constantly was definitely a plus.

– Myron G

Answer: Wow, it sounds like you had one heck of a vacation. I’ve never been to Iceland, but it’s on my list of places to go. I’m glad you were able to be protected with your tactical pen at all times. (You can get tactical pens here.)

 Are suppressors legal to be added to small arms without government paperwork?

– Ken C

Answer: In order to legally purchase a suppressor you would need to fill out the government paperwork and go through a detailed application process that can take up to a year.

One of the requirements during the process is to pay a $200 tax and, of course, pass a background check. Suppressors are only legal in about 39 states so I would check your local laws before you start the process.

I live with my wife and son in Wyoming. We are currently renting an apartment. I was wondering if you had any advise on how to protect and secure an apartment. Most of what’s out there pertains to homeowners, not renters.

– James G

Answer: One of the most important things I would do is purchase a doorstopper alarm for the exterior doors. These are only about $10 and they are basically a regular doorstop but have an alarm that goes off when pressed on by the door opening.

These are pretty loud and will alert you to any door being opened, hopefully giving you enough time to defend your family from an intruder.

If you are allowed to, I would install an alarm system that is DIY such as Simplisafe. Also, there is a product called Nightlock which you may want to consider that keeps your door from getting kicked in.

 You talk about not using hotel safes. The ones I’ve encountered you create your own pin or you use your own credit card to gain access. Do hotel workers still have ways to bypass them?

– Katrin E

Answer: Sadly, hotel staff can easily open these safes and I would never trust them. The problem is what if a tourist lost their credit card they used to access the safe?

Or what if they forgot the pin they created? No matter the method used to secure hotel room safes the hotel staff must always have a way to bypass the security since those staying in the hotel room may lock themselves out of the safe.

 I would love to attend your underground AR build and training with my 24 year old son. Unfortunately we live in California. Can we still get this training?

– Sam M

Answer: Yes, you can. The last AR build class we had a fellow from San Francisco. Here’s how it works if you live in California. You can go through the whole class and build the gun. However, on the last day, we have to disassemble the gun and ship it to your local gun dealer.

When the gun gets to your local gun dealer they have to install the proper button and then you can get your rifle and take it home. Go here to get full details on the AR-15 build class.

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